Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Memoirs of a student named ME!

Wonder why the writing mood is not there yet….but I will try to make you guys enjoy this second debut entitled: BACK TO SCHOOL!

Actually yesterday (25TH January 2010), me and my two best friends (Apih and Hazim) went to our former school (MRSM Pasir Tumboh,Kota Bharu) to meet our teachers. It was like having the butterflies in stomach when we first entered the school, yet the feelings got over once we met few of our teachers and back then. lot of talking centred on “Look how you guys never grown. Still the same old small and sweet 15! Haha,while commenting on our similar size and height. “Well, maybe that’s our gene” seemed to be the safest answer for all those so-caled compliment! But one thing that I treasured the most waswhen all teachers knew us from the first glance and automatically recalled our first name..nope..but full name!! I know it is bad to say this but I think I really got Cikgu Rosli’s attention. Haha..he kept on asking me weather I still remember this and that..even the point when my mum used to come every weekend for the laundry!!! The point here is that…all of them seemed to be happy to see the three of us coming and not bother to spare some time with us to talk about the past and remind us of the future! Arigato sensei(s)..plurality.hehe..We are not who we are today without your teachings..thank you so much!! Credit to….Cikgu Azah, Cikgu Hasnah, Ustazah Aminah,Ustazah Zaleha,Ustaz Mokhtari,Ustaz Hisham,Cikgu Rosli, Cikgu Azman,Cikgu Shukri,Cikgu Hamid Teacher Haslina,Cikgu Insyirah,Cikgu Azmah,Cikgu Rashidah,Cikgu Nik Mahizanita….and not to forget my all-time favourite teacher, TEACHER MAIZUN and how I miss Cikgu Suhaimi and Teacher Rosdalilah. I hope that one day, our batch (2002-2004) will have a reunion at MRSM PT together with teachers who taught us ath that time. Can’t wait for that!!


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