Wednesday, February 17, 2010

facts about New Zealand

Hye everybody. today i am gonna share with you few facts about the city i am currently living which is New Zealand. What is so special about this Kiwi land? Well, sit back, relax and scroll down to this post then you will know it all!
1)Nice place---beautiful
2)You have to walk a lot
3)French fries is called as chips--maybe some of you knew it already.huhu
4)Wh--is pronounce as 'F' according to the Maori tribe!
5)You don't have to bring cash to shop, simply swipe your bank card at anywhere you are purchasing. It's so easy
6)Crazy bungee jumping..right in the middle of the city
7)They sell DIY popcorn and it ended up burning when i first put them into the hostel microwave
8)They don't have tax for food but YES for electronic stuff..i think so?
9)Most importantly, you can find all the Asians here,,Malaysian,Chinese,Korean,Japanase and also Arabic as well as other ethnics and races.
10)Well,You can also see people walking barefooted..Guess they belong to the tribes!
11)There is not much difference between tomato sauce and chili sauce. Both are soury. Guess they really don't like spicy food!

p/s:These are all that i can think of up till now.Will let you know more later! Good night people!! (It's 11.50pm at NZ time zone)


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