Thursday, February 25, 2010

Few sheets to write on!

Me got a bumper issue for you guys here.Haha
Yesterday (24th Feb.2010), my friends and i went for an event at the Epsom Campus. It was called POWHIRI. This event is a tradition when the Maori's will welcome the guests (basically International students). The ceremony started with a speech given by the host or so-called TANGATA WHENUA. Right after the speech, the group of Maori's sang to us, the guest (MANUHIRI), any of their songs. Actually, the most interesting part was when the guests have to do the HONGI (greetings) to the Maori's. Of course, they prefer to rub noses since it was their tradition and i was like so hesitated to do so. But, they were few ladies who simply kiss my cheeks.Auww!!! Anyway, it was a good experience. At least, i knew it and i was welcomed to be here!!! Say peace!!! Oh, not to mention how sad i was for missing the walk to the long beach since it was clashed with the Powhiri.Herm..another time then!

And as for today, i started my day fresh with a Zumba dance at the Recreation Centre. There were a lot of shake your bon bon and Beyonce style in it. Not to mention, the salsa part and all. It was quite a happy exercise though. It's gonna be my next obsession!! However, that was not all. After Zumba-ing with my friends, i went straight to the gym and got myself felt over the trackmill when i tried to run backward as my friend did. Serve me right then!! Well, i got my right elbow bleed and not to forget hurting my hips bone!! Well, guys being guys!! I'm always in the positioned of getting myself embarassed anyway~

Well it is still O' Week and my hall got a bowling time at the arcade (which was far away from the residence yet we had to walk there!!). As usual, i scored 65 points. Luckily, i was not the last of all 6 players. I intentionally got into a group with anonymous members. And luckily, i got to meet 24-year old Steffan from Germany and others. Ah ya, not to mention this Hong Kong guy, Brian, who have a loud laugh and able to make people laugh out loud along him!!!


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