Thursday, February 11, 2010

finally here!

hye everyone.
i got nothing much to say here except ....
i'm very grateful to God for giving me the chance to be in New Zealand.
2 1/2 years was worth waiting..
all that left now is to study and come back as an hons. degree holder..
the flight which took us exactly 10 hours was giving me a backache..
but nothing beats the excitement of being in this one of the nicest place in the world.
oh ya thanks a lot to MAS airline for serving us with nice dinner and breakfast..
well, it was a tiring day since we non-stop walking from our arrival until the welcoming meeting with the coordinator and an evening walk along the queen street with our senior from IPBA.funny thing is the time for isyak prayer here is 10pm.wah..dah tido kot mase tu.haha.well, i guess this is all for now. will post a few photos later on. keep in touch ya!


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