Saturday, February 27, 2010

The happenings

Oh bianne!! (sorry in Korean)
A lot of things happened and i felt so tired to write or even switching on my laptop. Anyway, last 25th February, we had a formal dinner for International House residents. The food was kinda can be eaten yet the dessert was so sweet!! Ouch, can't really handle the Kelantanese tongue, who really had a sweet tooth. Unfortunately, i am not one of those sweet eaters!! There were a lot of wine drinking and stuff, but no worried since we don't have all that.

And here comes the Lantern Festival. Well, these people loves to drink so much. So, the non-drinkers like us was given another option to join the Lantern Festival at the Albert Park, which was quite near from the university. Me and Chapix really had our time there, provided with the Malaysian satay. We were both so thrilled that we finally found other Malaysians (excluded the Malaysian students)in Auckland! Luckily, those aunties invited us to their open house this coming Hari Raya and we were like "Yay, nanti dapat makan free!!!" Haha. We went back to IH a bot late since we stopped by at O'Rorke and paid a visit to another IPTIans guys there. And again, it was Friday Night yesterday. So we witnessed a lot of the IH residents who were drunk back from Crow Bar! And they were like talking crap and scared us too but we just acted normal and say cheese!!!!!!!!!!


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