Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello there!

Greetings everyone. Sadly to say, i skipped my meal today because i was so sleepy [enjoying Smallville and Euro Trip film until morning].Anyway, let's get back to my journal. Today, myself and chapix went for a bus ride to Onehunga. Luckily, we had junid to assist us to the one stop shopping centre called Dress Smart at the Arthur Street. Alert!!! Shopaholic is on the move. Well, you can say that. It cost us about 4.30NZD to and another 4.30NZD to get back to our place.Luckily the shopping does not take too much cash. Hehe. I got 3 shirts for 35NZD.Which is very rare to get in Malaysia unless in bundle shop. No dear, don't think of converting the NZD to MYR. Or else, you will see the huge difference of the rates.

Like usual, i was again mistaken as a Chinese boy when i was at the Fruit Town.But no worries :)Done with the Drama! It's quite a day full of walking yet i was not exhausted at all, perhaps it was enjoyable enough?


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