Sunday, February 14, 2010

here goes~

ok, firstly sorry for not writing anything yesterday.i was very tired of all the walking and at the same time busy getting id of these cough and flu. but, no worries. im still fine and healthy! hehe..officially today, im gonna make this blog as a picture book for everyone especially my family. so that all of you will be able to experience new zealand as well,ok? Here i already uploaded a few pictures for you to see and feel!

today, i woke up very late..maybe it's the panadol effect.anyway, we walked again today and snap few photos around Queen Street,Westfield Downtown and the Harbour field. So, here are the results:

wondering about my room? well should i show it?? herm...maybe this will help you guys in viewing my tiny miny room!

*p/s:bad connection.will show the picture later.
*p/s: i wrote this on 14th February actually not 13th February. its technical error up there.sorry!


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