Sunday, February 28, 2010

It has begun

Ha! I'm so glad that people loves my wristband watch. But, that's mine. Sorry.Haha
By the way, i went to Auckland Zoo last Sunday. It was so tiring since i had to run from my room in order to catch the bus. Luckily, i could make it to the zoo even i had to stand for the whole trip.LOL!! I also wanted to give credits to my friend Rustam for the wonderful pictures of the animals. What are the differences between Malaysian and Auckland zoo? I guess Malaysian zoo does not have Kiwi and Auckland Zoo does not have Binturong. Haha. That's all i can say. It was fun though except for the 3-hours-of-don't know what to do there.

Well, not all gold that glitters. Right after we were on our back to the residence, i was told that a few people were offended by us (the Malaysian) for using BM among us in front of them. I guess i understand what they felt very much since i was in that situation last time' especially when the Chinese speaks in either Mandarin or any other language in front of me. However, i don't think that the individual person should hate us for the way we were acting since we were so used to it already and it will take time for us to adjust ourselves. In fact, we are speaking with them in English and we tried to be as friendly as possible to them so far. So, can you just play nice with us too? If you don't like it, just let us know. It is way better than "bad mouthing" us from the back.Fuh...end of story. Anyway,am i using the right idiom for this situation?

It was our first day of lecture yesterday. It was terrible!! Looking for the classes was horrible. I am so regret that i did not take that free time to check out for the classes earlier. Hurm...i also felt as if i was an ant in the middle of other giants since they are a lot of people in Auckland!!! And they are here to pursue their dream. Just like me! The classes went so well except the one in the evening. My eyes can't bear the sleepiness during the lecture yet i was seating in front. Go for it, Azman! The government is paying you to study not to sleep!!!

i also took few minutes last night to pay a visit to my new friends' room. They are Rustam's (Kazakstani), Chris's (California), Karen's (Korean), Will's (Kiwi),Ravindu's (Sri Lankan) and Steffan's (Germany). Nice to meet you, guys and girl!! I'm still having bad times to remember other new friends names', but i try to get over it as soon as possible,okay?.


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