Tuesday, February 2, 2010


coundown,eh? ya,right..
another 9 days left for me in malaysia before depart to New Zealand for two years..
well, 2 tahun tak lama kan!
so, x payah la nak sedih-sedih sangat..
bukannya hati batu tapi....ego kot
i need to make a confession here..
i'm not really a good son.
but i deeply in love with my family..
at some point,i wonder why my family is not like my other friend's family?
well, variety people!
takkan nak sama jer sume..bosanla kan
but it's true sometime i felt dissapointed with my family...and myself in particular
anyway,im still glad to be with them..because i know they love me..
and they will always do!

oh ya this is my family! love 'ya ol!


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