Monday, February 22, 2010

More visiting hours!

Hey readers! Before i go on to what had happened today, i would like for you guys to firste hear me what was happened yesterday! Are these sentences so English?? It's up to you to judge! Now, back to the story. Yesterday, chapix,junid and I went to the Auckland Domain. What to say about this place? Well, i guess these following pictures will help you guess what is it all about!

Got it now? It's a place for those who wanted to enjoy the nature. Yes, breath-taking and serenity!! I could even rolled up around the park. But, beware of the dog s**t.Hehe. Can't afford to regret it later,people!! If you are lucky, you will be able to see musical perfomances in here!

As for today, i went to settle up my first semester accomodation fees. "Hey,Jonathan Walter! I am here again today for the payment. Maybe you are sick of seeing my face everyday, but this little guy brought you some money! Haha. Actually, in New Zealand, each and every one can simply swipe their ATM card in settling any payments. However, the daily limit is only NZD2000, which is why i have to see this guy (Jonathan Walker, Assistant Manager of International House) often for the payments.While enjoying the first day of O' Week at University (Uni.), my head was thinking of what to wear during the inappropriate party which will be held this coming saturday.Huh...what should i wear? Maybe i can try Bunny boy costume? Ahaks!!

Wondering wheather i am craving for the Malaysian cuisine? No worries, people! Here got Malaysian restaurant called Angie's Kitchen. They serve all kinds of Malaysian food which includes Nasi Kerabu (Me fave!!!). Well, need to spent a few dollars for it though but it is nothing as long as i could give myself superb satisfaction, right!!


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