Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When i was five...

Hey,peeps! Don't get carried away with today's post title. Actually, International House had a Margarita's Night at somewhere which i don't even know where it is. But, no worries because none of us were following the party. Well that is not what i would like to share with you guys, but something else under the heading of "DRUNK". I was a bit depressed tonight, so after done with the Powhiri practise, i went to the music room and played revising my piano lesson yesterday. After had a nice chat with my colleague,Alia..a guy with a shower robe came in and babbling something which i don't even know what it is. Well, looking at him,i knew that he was drunk. So, i act cool and just play the 'Doremi' notes and "Mary had a little lamb" while he came next to me and asked me what i was playing and kept on babbling about "Music is my passion and blablablabla....Whatever". I was scared but it's nothing right for them, to booze and get drunk.But one thing for sure, it was very smelly.I can't help to keep myself a metres away from him. Well, after that, i went to the games room next door and kept practising my snooker lesson. Haha..A lot to revise in a day right! It's better than forgetting it, right? While playing that i notice a few things:
1) I like to watch Figure ice skating (Accidentaly watched winter olympic live show about the event)
2) Many says that i got the pianist finger. Oh really??
3) And some says that i got Chinese looks, and sometimes Korean, Pan asian and smart look? Well, cut the crap, people!! Haha. Anyway,thanks for that!

Oh ya, i also participated in a scavenger hunt this morning and it was tiring!! At least, i got another Korean from there.Hehe.Will post the pictures later on,okay! Need to sleep or else i'm gonna be late for the Powhiri (Welcoming events by the Maori people) tomorrow!! Nite peeps!! (1.00am,NZ time)


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