Thursday, March 11, 2010

Auckland Tour :)

Today is Thursday,which means i don't have any classes to attended except voluntary work or self study however it is not yet started. So, our batch was having a special trip around Auckland City. Credit to Ira Asdila for leading the tour. It was freaking AWESOME.No kidding :) Alright, this is the bus that we hop on and off. It is called the Tour Bus.
We started our first journey to Bastion Point Lookout. It was such a nice place. I can even lie down on the grass and kept on rolling on it.Haha.Kidding. I didn't do it anyway.

The next step was like a dream came true. We stopped at Kelly Tarltons Underwater World and i saw lots and lots of PENGUINS!!! Oh my God!! They were so cute and cold? I guess..Haha. It was a good experience though.

After done with the fauna, we went to enjoy the beauty of roses at Parnell Rose Gardens. It was so boring for me since i got nothing to do there. Plus, the roses are dying.Hello, it's coming to Autumn okay!! Here are the proves:

We continued our trip today to revise a few of our knowledge at the Auckland Museum. Well, it was so history inside here, But, i found out a interesting stuff such as,"Kota Baharu?".

We (Me, Chapix and Farit) ended our journey at the Victoria Park Market since we lost the bus and we had to walk all the way back to the hostel.Sob sad.Anyway, this place (Victoria Park Market) is like "PENGKALAN KUBUR"-if any of you familiar with Kelantan. It's a place where you can have better souvenirs at much cheaper prices. So, what am i waiting for?? Souvenirs hunt now!!!
p/s: None of the girls in the pictures is my special girlfriend. They are all kind-hearted GIRLFRIENDS who always cheer up my days here.Umi, jangan marah,okay??


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