Monday, March 15, 2010


Dear readers,
Here i would like to ask for your forgiveness for not writing any these few days. I was lazy to be frank.Hehe.SorryX2. Anyway, to make up with the missing events, i enclosed today's edition with the highlights of the weeks. Have fun reading :)

Pasifika Festival

Theatre: The Importance Of Being Earnest

Bad Hair Day....Ya, i cut my hair :(

Turkish Delight

Comics make me crazy!!! Oh, i wanna a MARVEL Encyclopedia,anyone please?

The Bounty Hunter..This was my first time outing with IH residents and also my first time at the cinema here..Result=Satisfactory..Looking forward for, "When You're in Rome","Ironman 2" and "Night Date".

Late Nite Walk at K-Road
Got to see biggest Gay clubs and Drag queens. I wonder why people prefer drag queens over showgirls? Haha..Points taken. Thank you :)

Word of the day:Careworn...Which means "stress" in Victorian age. YES, i am stress and panic now because i am still not in the assignment mode.Please forgive me,Malaysian.

p/s: The theatre was super fun except for a few scenes which are not suitable for minors. Erm..i might watch "Romeo and Juliet" next time and it is such a pleasure if anyone wants to sponsor me. It's worth it.Hehe


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