Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ice Skating

I know, i know...i haven't post anything for quite some time right?
You know i was a bit busy with the first assignment (which was submitted safley llast Wednesday. Anyway, last night my friends and I went for an ice skating at the Paradice Skating,Avondale. It was super-COOOL and COLD!!! I tripped and felt for uncountable times but luckily we got over the blade after few trial and errors. Haha. Planning on going? Well the details are as follow:
BUS 243 (Bus stand across Forte Convenience store)
Bus fare: $4.40 (to..You can save up $1.40 if you have MAXX Card though!
Entrance fee: $10.50
..Hehe. Have fun!!...

So sorry for the not-so-nice pictures..I was so freaking cold to hold the camera.Ahaks..excuses!...
And yeah,credit for the organizer UMSA (United Malaysian Students in Auckland) for the activity. It is so much fun, but it will be lot more fun if UMSA can treat us the entrance fee :) Kidding!


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