Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Second lecture of the week was quite hermm..... can't say it.
I love Lingustics, so i was a bot dissapointed.
But, it's okay. Will get through it in time.
Anyway, i missed my breakfast again today.
Luckily, my class stars at 3pm today. Haha
Very relaxing, huh? But i already start to feel the pressure of it
Again, im gonna get through it
By the way, i started my day with Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks yesterday.Haha..my first time though
Spent NZD40 just for a short at Rebel Store. Reason: Need to go gym, yet don't have any other track except the dirty one and track cost like NZD80 at that shop. I was desperate and tired to look for it somewhere else. So, i ended up buying it. However, when i thought of converting the money back to Ringgit Malaysia------I'm broke!!! Luckily, the sushi got me calm. Haha
Later at night, i was decided to use my credit card in buying online stuff. I managed to buy one Marvel book which originally cost me NZD3.45 but i ended up paying NZD23 because of the shipping cost. In fact, it will arrive here like a month from now...So long and so much for a drama. Phew!
Anyway, feel free to have a look at these random pictures.


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