Tuesday, March 9, 2010

so long!

Don't get confused folks. So long here does not mean "Goodbye" or "I'm leaving". It meant to say," It's been a while since i write here".Hehe. How is everyone's doing? Fine, huh? Bet, i'm the only one who still lazying around and blur about the lecture.Hurm...Anyway, there is nothing much happen to me lately except that i haven't been to GYM for quite some time. Why so? I have no idea,man. Haha. Oh ya, i have this new addictive? Want to know? Check this out!!

It's one of the most popular Pop Games nowadays which known as "Plant Vs. Zombie". This game is so freaking awesome. I can't get my eyes of it so far. Well, of course the victim is Chapix's IPOD. Sorry,mate.My PSP don't have it.And i really hate this:

By the way, i found new friends through few clubs that i enrolled such as UNITED OF MALAYSIAN STUDENT IN AUCKLAND (UMSA---so MALAYSIAN,right!)and AUISN (forget what does the acronym stands for). Hopefully, by joining this social clubs, i will get in touch with more people from over the world and gain as much knowledge i could to become a wholly person.Cheh! My group also won the O'Week for UMSA first meeting last Saturday. Don't get jealous,peeps!! :)

P/s: Sorry that i only got pictures from UMSA meeting! However, i really love the motto that goes:


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