Monday, April 5, 2010

It's officially Autumn

Since it was the end of daylight saving, the day here gets much shorter. Even, the sky will be in a total darkness at 6pm. This also explains why the prayer time for Muslims has gone shorter, for example Isya' is on 7.15pm and no longer 10/9pm something.It is odd,eh. Well, welcome to New Zealand. Anyway, it was Easter yeasterday (4th April 2010). Apart from getting the Creme Eggs from the dining hall, my friend and I went to a Royal Easter Show at the ASB Showground, Greenlane.For me, it was only a so-so festival, nothing much that 'wow' me so badly. Simply put, it was just like a fun fair back at home. Haha. We tried few Genting-like rides, and I so can't handle it at all. I kept oc closing my eyes during the rides. And finally, i concluded that "I Hate Carnival or Genting thingy!" End of story--------Then, i ate a very hot fried rice at one of the halal Thailand restaurant in town...and i got stomachache after that :(
Bye for now! Need to write 1000 words essay to be submitted tomorrow. Toodles!!


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