Sunday, August 29, 2010


"No pressure, but pleasure"? Ya right. As far as I concerned, there is not much of pleasure I got since I was here. Its all about pressure.To live up to the expectation, fail to live up to it and etc. So what's with 'enjoyment' that I should have when I am away from home.Nada! Day after day, Time after time, I kept looking at myself in the mirror and asked, Why I am not them? Than I said, "I ain't them, I am me". Trying to cool myself up.But little that everyone knows my pain and hardship.Never mind. I don't intend to share it anyway. Well, enough of the blabbering. Now, let us move to the real business for today. It's the 18 day of Ramadhan and I can't stop thinking of me turning 21 in two days time and how this year Syawal going to be. Away from home, not able to get new Raya clothes and enjoy the superlicious home cooking.Well, I understand very well that we might lose something in our pursuit of something else, but this is just not really working on me. I admit that I never shed a tear when I thought of the fact that I am away from my parents, family and friends now, but I can't face the truth of leaving all my favourite food behind. Okay, done with the lamenting part. Now, I m gonna be busy with the whole bunch of preparations! Raya celebration, International House-International Night which will be held on the 25th of September and assignments. Speaking of assignments, have I told you guys that my assignments are all suck? Nothing works well this time. An A is hard to get. Not to blame the A though. It's all about quality and I failed to give one. Sometimes I feel like singing and dancing in the middle of the road naked! Kidding! I won't do that. It's way too embarassing. But the point is that, I just want to be free of all this thing and have fun with my life. Do things that I can and should do, but not what beyond my religious teaching. That is all for now. So sorry for being so pessimist and negative in this post. It is just that I am not really feeling all good at the moment. See you next time, adios!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Greetings everyone. It's Ramadhan now and it's my first Ramadhan in New Zealand-9 hours by flight from Malaysia. At this rate, I miss Malaysian food very much, especially my mum's cooking. Well, have to endure it for couple of month i guess. The saddest thing is that, it's Ramadhan and yet the dining hall here does not prepare nice food for us. It's very occasionally. I wonder why they are doing this hard-to-get thing here.Discrimanation? Hatred? Revenge? Haha. Sorry. Guess I'm a little bit theatrical just now. Therefore, to satisfy my need, I browse through some pictures and I found these:

Haha.Drooling already? I know right. Can't wait to go back for 'them'.Oh, 'matene' [means 'wait' in Japanese].