Saturday, August 14, 2010


Greetings everyone. It's Ramadhan now and it's my first Ramadhan in New Zealand-9 hours by flight from Malaysia. At this rate, I miss Malaysian food very much, especially my mum's cooking. Well, have to endure it for couple of month i guess. The saddest thing is that, it's Ramadhan and yet the dining hall here does not prepare nice food for us. It's very occasionally. I wonder why they are doing this hard-to-get thing here.Discrimanation? Hatred? Revenge? Haha. Sorry. Guess I'm a little bit theatrical just now. Therefore, to satisfy my need, I browse through some pictures and I found these:

Haha.Drooling already? I know right. Can't wait to go back for 'them'.Oh, 'matene' [means 'wait' in Japanese].


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