Friday, September 10, 2010

Morning tears!

It was Raya already!
I missed Raya prayer because I woke up late (tired of making satay and I slept at 4 in the morning to catch up with facebook, talked to my mum and etc.). then rushed for Skype tutoring, being a fool for believing a student hair cur will cost me $10 even though it is $15, were asked about when to pay the rent by International House manager, performed Friday prayer and all. So hectic, even in the big day! Then,I received parcel from my family. Three shirts, a pair of jeans and also two greeting cards. One from my sister and the other from my younger brother. They were really touching and HEARTBREAKING! I almost cry (not yet falling for it). And yeah, those clothings are all new!! Hehe. Then, we visited the others in Huia. The environment wasn't as expected since many of us went to visit the other seniors at their open houses and etc. So, there goes my first day of Raya. And now, I'm still waiting to skype with my family. It is so annoying. We always faced problem whenever we wanted to chat through Skype. Silly technology! Well, it's Raya right? So I need to be patient, forgive and forget to the lameness of Skype and Malaysian Broadband connection. Besides that, Miss Goh (one of my dearest lecturers in IPTI) replied on her Facebook wall post after I wished her Happy Eid Fitr. There goes the words:

"Same2 n have a great Hari Raya do in UoA cos u all will never have that chance to have a big gathering of friends to celebrate away from home n different feelings n if anybody is gonna cry like a baby bcos they miss home, give them a dressing down on my behalf.......(not undress them but scold them...hahaha!)."

I replied: "haha. what if im crying? haha"

"Then I'm really surprise cos i always see Azman as a very positive guy who knows how to adapt n make the most out of life.....c I really believe u r really a good be a good boy n swallow ur terars or the others, esp the gals will cry rivers....U go n cry another day...k?"

.........How touching is that? What a lecturer. It's hard to get one this close to their students. Well, seems that I have quite a responsibility on my own too!


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