Thursday, November 25, 2010


Why some people is so obsessed over hand phones? I personally think it is undeniable that hand phone is very important in our lives these days since it connects people. But that does not necessarily means that people can go around bragging or competing about what their hand phones have to offer. Even children nowadays won't up for a hand phone without camera function. To be truth, why waste money over some other functions when all you need are the basics one such as to make call and sending text messages. Well, every one has their own reasons. So, there is no need for making a blind accusation. For some people, it is better to have one hand phone with the functions of everything rather than buying single items such as camera, mp3 player and gps!

By the way, let's just stop the issue here. There are much more to mention, especially since I am already back to my home country, Malaysia. It feels so good to be home. I have to admit, I have been treating myself with all the delicacies and cravings I've got. Hot? Sweating? Not to mention. It's Malaysia anyway. Too bad that my body is still adjusting and consequently I am running down with fever. Haha. I know I owe you guys a lot, especially about my trip to Melbourne, Australia. Will try to get it updated soon. Wait ya!

*'Tadaima' means 'Im back' in Japanese.


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