Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guangzhou Day 1:

“Wow”, I supposed I forever interjected this expression whenever I think of my golden ticket to Guangzhou. ‘Xia Xia Ni, Pa Pa’, ‘Xia Xia Ni, Ma Ma’ and ‘Xia Xia Ni, Air Asia’!!! I cannot thank these people much for allowing me to fly and land in Guang djou (State of Guang). Thanks Kami-sama! The six hours flight with Air Asia was pretty tiring, considering there was a Chinese boy yelling and crying from my back throughout the journey. Kids, right. What can we say more! It made me wonder how Marsha was doing at that time. Hope she was not giving her mom a hard time. Haha.
We arrived to our destination at 8.20pm. And to be truthful, when I first got there...let’s just say the impression was not as I expected. The immigration officer simply put on her sourest face and on top of all, NOT RESPONDING TO ME WHENEVER I CONVERSE IN ENGLISH. And I was like, “What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so in trouble this time. Never in my life, I felt this disappointed. I was scared to be lost in translation. And it ended to be just exactly as I thought from the day onwards. Still, I should be thanking my colleague in Oxford Language Centre, Pao for giving me few lessons in Mandarin. At least I could say, “Wo pu yau”! And of course, not to forget, the other side character of this story, Mr Kit, our tourist guide. I could say that we were quite lucky since our travel agent, Al- Quds managed to find us a tourist guide that can speak Malay (well it was Indonesian to be exact) from their counterpart. “ Capet ya!”, “Bisa”, “Tokoh” and “Hapet”, those are some of the words that I managed to pick up from him. Well, I should say, “There goes nothing”. The funniest part was, whenever we converse with him, it sounded like duck and chicken conversing to each other. A lot of misunderstanding and confusing going on yet we managed to resolve it after all. Precious right?
It took us almost thirty minute to reach Duobao hotel. It was a three stars hotel but that did not bother me at all. I was not there for the stars anyway. still, the hotel was not that bad for a three stars. And most importantly, I got my own bed and it was so HUGE and FLUFFY!!! And of course, HOT SHOWER’S AVAILABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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