Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guangzhou Day 2:

It was 10 degrees or so and I only brought a jumper with me. So, I was in need of shopping. However, the second day in Guangzhou began with a visit to The Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. This place was built in the....
“1931 on the original site of Sun Yat-Sen's Presidential Office at Yuexiu Park. It is one of Guangzhou's major landmarks. Dr Sun Yat-Sen was the founder of the Chinese Nationalist Party and was originally from Cuiheng Village in Guangdong Province. He was largely responsible for the collapse of the Qing Dynasty and the formation of the Republic of China in 1911 and also served as the first President of the Republic. The impressive hall is used for meetings and performances and is surrounded by beautiful gardens. There is a small museum behind the hall.” *the excerpts were taken from a source in the internet.
I got myself quite a selection of souvenirs there. You can scroll further down for the items purchased. And you know what, I like them all. I have been dying to possess either Chinese calligraphy or painting for ages now. Well, I could say that I sometimes have the eyes for the art too. Later, we continued or day to the other attraction in Guangzhou which is the Temple of Five Celestials Beings. Well, the details are like the one mentioned below. Have fun reading it!
“Built in the 1300s, this temple is famous for its big bell from the Ming Dynasty. According to legend, there were five celestial goats that brought rice and the knowledge of rice cultivation to the local people. Having wished the locals bumper harvests for the future, the immortals rose to the sky and disappeared. The goats turned into stone statues, hence the name of Guangzhou as Yangcheng (City of Goats) and Suicheng (City of Rice Ears). The Five Celestials Shrine houses the footprints of the immortals and is located in Yuexiu Park.”
*the excerpts were taken from a source in the internet.
The time is now! It’s Beijing Road (Lu) and whenever people say mentioned this road, there will be only one word in your mind, “SHOPPING”!!! This road is well known for its pedestrian streets that filled with shops and of course it is located in the heart of Guangzhou city. If you notice enough, there are also some preserved old roads buried in the street. You can see it down under the ancient Guangzhou road. Pretty amazing right! Setting apart the hustling shopping area, they are still keeping track of their histories with them. Well, in my opinion, they are actually thanking the elders for leading them to what they are now....and maybe the Five celestials goats as well.
At night, we took a walk around the hotel by ourself. My parents stopped to buy some winter clothes. My mum got herself a fury coat and it made me wonder what it was made of. Hopefully it was not made out of dog’s fur! Haha. The fun began when I was turned into a laughing stock for giving out the cent note to pay for the purchased items. They tried their best to get me understand the situation but unfortunately, “Wo pu ming poi!”. At that time, I was really hoping to have Mr. Kit around explaining the situation to us.


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