Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guangzhou Day 3:

I hate the third day because it did not started out good at first. We should have been spending the days shopping in the Digital town, Leather, Fabric and etc, however most of the shops we closed since it was the New Year. Therefore, like it or not, we spent the day taking photo in front of the concert hall, the Guangdong museum in Zhujiang district, which was the ‘outlet’ of the previous museum and the government sponsored jade shop. Let me first start with the museum. Unlike other museums I have even been to, this one compiled the Chinese artistry from the ancient till now. It was all about China or Canton from floor 1 till the fourth floor. There was not so much about others. Anyway, let’s just keep the Dinosaur area as an exception, okay? After done with that ‘school trip’ we went to hunt for jades. But before that, we refuelled ourself by having lunch first. Unlike the day before, this time around we had our lunch at another Muslim Restaurant called, Xinyue Muslim Restaurant. Most of the Muslim Chinese in here originated from the northern China, which somehow closed to Russia. So, some of them involved in an inter marriage with the Russian. What a fusion! Despite of their origins, the food there was not really as finger lickin’ good as KFC. Haha. Yet, I still love the washroom though. It showed luxurious, elegant and upper class. Lovin’ it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next stop was the local government sponsored jade shop. Since the infamous gem in China is jade, we could say that every tourist that comes here will add jade into their must-have checklist. This was where all the fun starts and of course the expenditure as well. Like always, I wasn’t interested with this kind of thing so you could say that I was caught in this situation. Anyhow, we were treated as the VIP of the day throughout our visit there. We were given a VIP pass and also brought to a VIP lounge. In there, we were introduced to their boss, which was having a good day of his life (money, money)!! Since it was New Year and he finally got himself a new born baby boy, he was very happy about our arrival and gave us each a jade necklace (not the expensive one though) and of course a very low price for all of the items in the store (really? I still doubt that). Funny thing was, our tourist guide told them that I knew some Mandarin (I guess, I’ve written 50 phrases altogether, yet does it count as ‘some’?), and all of the staffs were excited about the fact and started to converse with me in English. They wanted me to teach them English and they would teach me Mandarin in exchange. The girls there kept on asking me to buy necklace for my girlfriend, but as everyone in this universe acknowledged, I don’t have any. So, why should I right? This fact somehow gave one of them hope to try me out (is it use correctly?) So I ended giving her my e-mail address. At least, she can teach me mandarin! And I really need that. It made me wonder though...Am I a chick magnet? Haha. Very funny. I am not Wang Lee Hom, okay! (I am just a simple guy, with no sports talent or charm. And above of all, I am only 164 cm.)
Later in the evening, my brother and I went to wander around Shangxia Jiu Shopping Streets. The thing is we don’t know that the street was called as Shangxiu Streets until the next day. We had so much fun there. I shopped till I only had 9 yuen left. It was very disappointing since I found better items in here compared to Beijing Road (where I already spent most of money there). So I pleaded my parent to lend me some money to enjoy my shopping days in Guangzhou to the fullest. We experienced a language barrier but I believed when it came to shopping the best tool for communication would be the calculator and your ability to bargain of course! Sadly, I couldn’t bargain much since most of the items where I got my apparel were outlet stores. And again, I was the laughing stock for the night because of the language barrier. Since I forgot to bring my Ipod with me to jot down all of my expenditure, I asked to borrow a pen from one of this store and suddenly all of the sales assistants came to me to see what I had written and started to laugh on it. I am still figuring out the cause of the laughter though. Herm........


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