Saturday, February 5, 2011

Guangzhou Day 4 and 5:

It was bright and sunny in Guangzhou on the 4th.We could see some people startet to take off their jackets and etc. but that was not the point that I tried to share with all of you. This time around we visited the The Chen Clay Temple. According to a not-so-sure-its-realibility-source......
"Walking through The Chen Family Temple is almost like walking through a living museum. It was built by the Chen family members from all over Guangdong Province at the end of the 19th century during the Qing Dynasty. There are a total of 19 buildings on the property, most of which now house various artifacts and artworks on display include porcelain, fine paintings, and carvings of ivory and jade. The design is an excellent example of Southern China architecture. The temple was built for worship as well as used to house Chen family members who came from all over the province to sit for the imperial examinations." After that, we spent our remaining three hours in Shangxia Jiu Walking Street. It wasn't our first time for my brother and I since we already shopped there the night before. Unfortunately, what saddens me the most was I wasted an hour waiting for nothing and not being able to shop till I drop. Urgh!!!!!!!!!!! Why? Herm...I think I will just pass that one.

Since our flight was on 1.15am on the 5th of February, we could say that our journey had already ended on the day before. We spent almost six hours in the airport waiting and did nothing. Plus, the flight was delayed for another thirty-minutes. All the waiting somehow ended when we took off and I slept soundlessly throughout the way. To sum it up, the trip to Guangzhou was worth it. How I wish I brought more cash with me so that I could really shop till drop. However, coming to Guangzhou on the Chinese New Year was not a brilliant idea after all. Many shops here are closed on that and might last for week or two. But not to worry much, fashionistas! Shangxia Jiu Shopping Streets and Beijing Road are at your service and were certified as the best retail therapy in this third largest state in China! So a piece of advice to any of you all that planning to pay a visit to Guangzhou:
1) Bring a lot of cash. As for Malaysian or New Zealanders, you might have the chance to taste the feeling of being a millionaire in here since the currency here is a bit lower. (p/s: RM 1 = Yuan 2). So, before you purchase anything, divide the price into two (if you’re Malaysian) and you will get the actual Malaysian price for the stuff you are buying. If you don’t like it still, try to negotiate and get better price on your own. It might be your lucky day!
These are little something that you need to know about Guangzhou:
1) There is an idiom that goes, “If you want to eat, you need to come down to Guangzhou”. This is because the Guangzhou people are infamous for their cooking especially ‘chap pu’ (the pickled radish), and even dishes based on snakes and dogs!!!!
2) People here beliefs that jade should be worn on the right side because it is good for hearts.

So as for next destinations, perhaps Beijing, Shenzhen or Ho Chi Minh.Oh yeah!! Start saving folks!! When I think about it again, my parent and I are leaving to overseas again next wear. And surprisingly, we are going to visit two countries in ten days: Gold Coast, Australia and of course Auckland, New Zealand!! Can't wait to be back!


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