Thursday, April 21, 2011


Well someting strucked me and it made me think of the truth of people's saying on "getting wiser as we grow older". Obviously, I have my doubt of this saying considering what I have seen towards my entire life. This saying may be applicable for some, but not for the other. Seriouosly, how can you prove your maturity if you can't even think straight of your doing and how it affect other people around you. Is that how you value your increasing candles on your birthday cake? Does it ever occur to you how others might feel about your action? Do you think they ever feel happy about it? Sometimes those affected people forced their hardest to carve a smile for you and make you think "Everything is okay!".The truth is, it is very challenging to be the child whose shoulders being rested with all the hopes and dreams of making the family worth something. Well as people say, "No pressure but pleasure".


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