Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter break!

Ok guys and girls, I know that the holiday is almost ended so let us just recapulate what I've done during the last 2 weeks of break. I guess let us just start with the disasters happened along the trip before moving on to the best parts of the trip:

Meet the disasters:

1) Me and Junid had to go first since the other two had to postpone their trip due to class.
2) Me and Junid had to change flight since we missed the booked flight to Christchurch. Since the ticket bought earlier was the cheapest one ($19), we were considered as forfeiting the tickets and had to buy another one without the promoton, which means another additional of $118.
3)There was a slight misunderstanding and complication of the car we rented online which lead us to drop off the car in Queenstown instead off Dunedin (the initial plan was to drive from Queenstown to Invercargill, Bluff and ended in Dunedin).
4)Due to the car drop off, we had to take another shuttle to Dunedin since our flight on the next day was in Dunedin Airport.
5)I was scolded by the Airport people for leaving my luggages unattended even though the other companions were just sitting centimetres away from the bags.

Meet the memorable ones:

1)We drove up until the southernmost part of the south island,the Slope Point. As the name is, the road there was very sloppy. Bluff is said to be the most southern part of South Island, even the difference between this two is 7km.
2)We had an eccentric fun at The Puzzling World in Wanaka.
3)Hot dip at Onsen Hot Pool. To tell you the truth, the atmosphere was sensual and steaaaaaaaaaaaaamy! Haha
4)Went hiking. And yeah that was new for me and Junid. At least it was worth it after all. We played luge for the first time and drove it as slow as the tortoise racing with the bunny. Well, safety first folks!
5) Witnessing the fabulous view of South Island, particularly Queenstown. If not for the freezing weather, I swear to be there again during the snowy season.
6)I tried jakuzi for the first time at the backpackers where I stayed in Queenstown! Wish that I could have on at home. Ahhhhhhhh, it was refreshing!
7)I made lots of friends, considering more than one is 'lots' already. Haha. They are Motto (Japanese), Amelie (Canadian), and these two Brazilian girl and Swiss guy which I forgot to ask for their names. Haha.
8)Officially a Korean now. Haha. Funny ay! That was the first time in my life people thought that I am a Korean.

I should say that the trip was awesome in a way. Somehow it leads me to think how can the travellers managed to travel long enough without feeling tired of it at all! When I asked for their age, I could say that they are all below 25 yet already independent. Travelling either by themselves or couple of friends made along the way. Awesome ay!


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