Sunday, July 10, 2011

New state

I reckon, you readers are all aware that South Sudan is the latest state on earth right? They've got their independence yesterday (9th July 2011). Unlike, Malaysia, we have are just two months away for our 54th. Does that makes us a little more wiser and independent? No comment. Anyway, speaking of new states, I wonder how many countries that we currently have out there? Perhaps 194? 195? or 196? It depends. Some might consider looking at the registered United Nations members or US Department of States. To further understand the previous remark, do read the following link:
Hope you'll get your geography, right!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Have you visited my tumblr account? Not aware of its existence. Worry not. Here's the link

my official v-log!

Hey again! I have decided that I until I have the guts to have my own channel, this blog will be my official v-log! I will post some random videos time after time in this one and only blog So get the address right because you might not want to miss every single moments of me crazying over some stuffs! So the first video would be about current earthquake happened in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand! :

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A day of Malaysian 'kuih'

It was sunny 05 July 2011 in Auckland winter, my friends and I tried our luck on selling Malaysian traditional 'kuih' as to cover up our electricity and internet bills. Sounds pathetic? Nah...this is what scholarship students do. We look for opportunities that might lead us to extra cash - as long as it does not lead us astray from what we believe in or what we are obliged to.

Describing yourself

If people were to ask you, "How would you describe yourself?" What would you say? If I were the one asked, I would say, I am:
(1)a dandy person.
(2)quite a querky one.
(3)almost suffering fom OCD problem
(4)an individual..or you shall say ORIGINAL!
(5) can be compassionate
(6) hate mannequins as for their perfections!
(7) loves cheese!!!!!!
(8) colors!! purple reflects me well!

I wonder what do you guys think of me. Mind to share?

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Photo book is very sensational item to have these days. It is one of the latest ways in which you can document your best memories in hard cover books and any other alike. There are tons of websites which you can go to and customize your own photo book before ordering them. One of the site that I've found was "Mixbook" - If I'm not mistaken. You can choose the layout of your photo book from series of themes such as festivals, holidays and et cetera, You can also go plain without any particular theme and work on the book using the layouts. Honestly, I wanted to order one for my won, however because of the money issue that I am currently facing, I think I will just pass and use print screen instead (by hitting the "Prnt Scrn" button on the keypad and paste the picture in "PAINT". Pretty economical,ay). Even so, I promised myself to get one before I'm leaving Auckland for good. It is an obvious waste to miss the affordable deal that they offer every day - you might get lucky to find less than $20 for a couple pages of a wonderful photo book. It is worth a treasure, I would say! So enjoy this promo end of my photo book!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

An A-Z of me

Oh ya. Did I mentioned to you that I've got an A+ for one of my Primary Literature paper? Not to brag, but I am really thankful for this paper. At least there is an A+ throughout of my years studying in University of Auckland, New Zealand. Thanks God for letting me achieve this grade and not to forget thanks to my favorite lecturer of the year; Ms. Pauline Buchanan for your awesome lecture and book sharing! I won't forget the teas and biscuits that you served us in each of the class. I'm telling you what, the class was relaxing and....HOMEY! For the first time I don't feel pressure but pleasure learning in UoA (abbreviation for Auckland University). And one of the assignment that contributed to this A+ was the A-Z of myself. It meant to be assignment about using alphabets according to the selected theme. And since I've chosen the theme of myself, I've created an A-Z on a story of me...well not really a story..perhaps a short sketch about me and my friends. Enjoy the pictures and do comment if you feel like doing so :)

*p/s: these pictures are not sequentially correct. it should be in alphabetical order.


Everyone in this world have their preferences in people around. As for me, it's not that I hate these kinds of people (that I am about to describe in a while) but I wish that they don't do what they do. It's their attitudes that I have problem with, not them. Here it goes:
(1) People who smoke.
Personally, I think that smokers tend to only think of themselves. What they consider the most is pleasing themselves. They never care about whether people around them are comfortable or happy with their actions. The smells is just awful! Try imagining, people getting all dressed up to meet their dates and suddenly group of smokers come by and left the smell on the new Gucci or Prada. How annoying is that, ay!
(2) People who did not do the dishes.
These people are rats! Sorry to say, but it is very annoying when you have to clean up over someone else's unwashed dishes. Who do you think you are? You are not living with maids, mate! At least be responsible for your own dish! Some people are good enough preparing the dishes for you so the least that you could do is to clean up your own plates and whatsoever after you done eating. It is not a hard task at all. Just soak the sponge in the liquid dishwasher and brush the dishes. Rinse them and you're done. That's it. Not hard at all, am I right? No animals or people are killed during the process either. So wake up, peeps!

Improvement is hard to happen overnight but at least try not to make people feel dissapointed in yourselves. You know you can be and do better! xoxo.


Hey, everybody. What's up?? I was just finished watching some vlog created by group of Malaysians students studying in overseas. They are all super AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! To be honest, I have tried coming out one with my own too, but it was nothing compare to theirs. So I am taking their advices on making good videos and hopefully I will be able to come up with one for my own too. I guess it is just a matter of time. Really? Haha. I would have some catchy lines like "Previously on Azman Dean" or maybe "Here;s what you missed on Azman Dean". Sounds familiar? Yeah, they are normally the lines used in almost every English series such as Glee, Smallville and lots more!

Anyway, there was a minor earthquake yesterday night (01 July 2011) here in Auckland City, New Zealand. If I am not mistaken, the scale was 2.9. Pretty scary ay! Weirdly that I didn't feel anything when the quake happened. Guess I was pre-occupied doing my thing.

Let's get back to what we're dealing here. Not a monster, but the Vlog! Frankly speaking, I am in a process of getting all the confidence I could before producing one. How I wish I am super-tech guy as well. At least my video won't be merely video documentary!!! Bye for now!! Let's keep our finger cross that the production of my vlog will be happening soon enough. Cheers!

Oh yeah. Here are some of the vlogs that are worth checking. So enjoy!
matluthfi - anwarhadi - aiman azlan