Saturday, July 2, 2011

An A-Z of me

Oh ya. Did I mentioned to you that I've got an A+ for one of my Primary Literature paper? Not to brag, but I am really thankful for this paper. At least there is an A+ throughout of my years studying in University of Auckland, New Zealand. Thanks God for letting me achieve this grade and not to forget thanks to my favorite lecturer of the year; Ms. Pauline Buchanan for your awesome lecture and book sharing! I won't forget the teas and biscuits that you served us in each of the class. I'm telling you what, the class was relaxing and....HOMEY! For the first time I don't feel pressure but pleasure learning in UoA (abbreviation for Auckland University). And one of the assignment that contributed to this A+ was the A-Z of myself. It meant to be assignment about using alphabets according to the selected theme. And since I've chosen the theme of myself, I've created an A-Z on a story of me...well not really a story..perhaps a short sketch about me and my friends. Enjoy the pictures and do comment if you feel like doing so :)

*p/s: these pictures are not sequentially correct. it should be in alphabetical order.


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