Sunday, July 3, 2011


Photo book is very sensational item to have these days. It is one of the latest ways in which you can document your best memories in hard cover books and any other alike. There are tons of websites which you can go to and customize your own photo book before ordering them. One of the site that I've found was "Mixbook" - If I'm not mistaken. You can choose the layout of your photo book from series of themes such as festivals, holidays and et cetera, You can also go plain without any particular theme and work on the book using the layouts. Honestly, I wanted to order one for my won, however because of the money issue that I am currently facing, I think I will just pass and use print screen instead (by hitting the "Prnt Scrn" button on the keypad and paste the picture in "PAINT". Pretty economical,ay). Even so, I promised myself to get one before I'm leaving Auckland for good. It is an obvious waste to miss the affordable deal that they offer every day - you might get lucky to find less than $20 for a couple pages of a wonderful photo book. It is worth a treasure, I would say! So enjoy this promo end of my photo book!


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