Saturday, July 2, 2011


Everyone in this world have their preferences in people around. As for me, it's not that I hate these kinds of people (that I am about to describe in a while) but I wish that they don't do what they do. It's their attitudes that I have problem with, not them. Here it goes:
(1) People who smoke.
Personally, I think that smokers tend to only think of themselves. What they consider the most is pleasing themselves. They never care about whether people around them are comfortable or happy with their actions. The smells is just awful! Try imagining, people getting all dressed up to meet their dates and suddenly group of smokers come by and left the smell on the new Gucci or Prada. How annoying is that, ay!
(2) People who did not do the dishes.
These people are rats! Sorry to say, but it is very annoying when you have to clean up over someone else's unwashed dishes. Who do you think you are? You are not living with maids, mate! At least be responsible for your own dish! Some people are good enough preparing the dishes for you so the least that you could do is to clean up your own plates and whatsoever after you done eating. It is not a hard task at all. Just soak the sponge in the liquid dishwasher and brush the dishes. Rinse them and you're done. That's it. Not hard at all, am I right? No animals or people are killed during the process either. So wake up, peeps!

Improvement is hard to happen overnight but at least try not to make people feel dissapointed in yourselves. You know you can be and do better! xoxo.


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