Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Hey folks! There are celebrations going on today (31 August 2011).
1. Malaysia's 54th National Day
2. First day of Eid-Fitr in New Zealand (second day in Malaysia)
3. My Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes it is my 22 birthday.

Well. this year's birthday reminds me of how old I am and how far I've grown in life. It was saddening that I am not celebrating any of these celebrations at home with my beloved family. However, I had the whole school singing 'Happy Birthday' to me. The whole Year 5 and 6 were non-stop wishing me Happy Birthday, I was given a Principal Birthday Certificate and better still, the whole staff room sang me Happy Birthday as well. How awesome was that!!! I would say that today's Epic moment of my life in 2011!!!!! Loving it and will treasure it till death for sure :)

Later that day, my mum called and we talked and I said, "Thanks Mum for giving birth to me". Really I am grateful for having her as my mum. She's the best!!

Raya this year was not as fun as it used to be. But we were celebrating it our way. All six of us brought our own dishes (biscuits and etc.) to school and threw the school's stuff with a little feast!

And yes,I can't thank God enough for giving me the opportunity to work with such a nice school!! The environment is awesome! The teachers are lovely and so do the students. I really wish that I could be one of the students studying there. But, deep down my heart, I would always be happy for having school at my previous schools.

Awww...I am pretty much aware that my writing this time around is a little bit unorganized. Initially, I wanted to write about the celebrations and yet I also wrote some about my experience at this New Zealand Primary School I am going for two weeks. Well, it supposed to be our holiday, but since the schools are not having their holidays yet and we have to have our practicum before we left the country for good, we have no other choice but to sacrifice our holidays for a priceless experience. Ole!!!

Before I ended my writing with Mr. Period, I would love to say trillions of thanks to those who wished my birthday today. Hope you all will be blessed in life here and after. Amin!


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