Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I know very well that before I started with anything else, I should first apologize for not writing anything for a while now. Actually, I did write but it was either in my Tumblr or Facebook account. So, it is always a wise decision to follow these account as well :) Anyway, we are in the 17th of Ramadhan already. Feel like we just started fasting yesterday, right? Anyway, regarding fasting, I would love to congratulate my Norwegian friend (LARS) for his determination to try fasting for the whole month. Hopefully he will be blessed and live a happy life during and after Ramdahan. It is good to know and witness how non-Muslims trying to understand our belief and yet we refused to see it for ourselves. Ironic right? With 17 days over, there are 13 remaining more days before all Muslims will be celebrating Eid-Fitr. Frankly speaking, this year will be my second year celebrating it without my family. It would be saddening yet that is the sacrifice that I should be able to withstand. The celebration itself won't be as extravagant considering the it will be during my practicum sessions in New Zealand primary schools. Still, that should not be the excuse for me not to celebrate it right!

and yes, if you guys are well informed before, Auckland has never being snowing after the first fall on 1939. Surprisingly, miracle happened on last 15 of August - it was actually SNOWING in AUCKLAND CBD!!!! You can check the video which I posted on my Youtube channel (xchips99) as well as my Facebook page.

Well, that's all for now. I have to start revising for there tests which I will be having next Tuesday and Wednesday. Guess it will be hell of a week. Anyway, wich me luck and take care peeps!


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