Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Landing there soon.

Salam and hye everyone.
I can see those long faces you're pulling and I am so sorry for not updating you readers with any posts in the last two months. I was busy with assignments and etc. But I will try to make it up with you guys by posting more often from now on (hopefully!). Well as some of you might be aware of, my two years of studying in New Zealand is about to end, which means I have to go back in no time to pursue my final year in Malaysia. So you could guess how heartbroken I am feeling to leave such a wonderful country behind. Not to pry or whatever, but deep down I am very thankful for God, my family, KPM and all Malaysians for giving me this opportunity. If it up for me, I would proudly say that teaching is not what I am going to do for life, but given this opportunity, I know that I have the responsibility to give back and serve our Malaysian children with all the knowledge I gained here as best as I could. May God bless us all. Yesterday, 07 October 2011, was our Eidul- Adha in Auckland. Sadly, I was so sleepy that I didn't join the prayer, which was held at Aetoa Square! My parents called and I've got to talk to almost everybody who were actually gathered at my uncle's for my cousin's engagement - Congrats Kak Dila! Then, the day got better when my friend's employer who happened to be a Muslim, gave us some 'daging korban'. Unfortunately, I'm not really a meat person. So the whole stock goes to my housemates. Yay!! As always, my writing is not organised. But who cares. I'm not a celebrity or whoever famous. Another concern of mine is that we haven't got our allowance yet. And for this reason, I'm afraid that my mates and I might be kick out from our apartment any time. Okay, that 'kicking' part may be an exaggeration, but the allowance part is a fact. As how much I am grateful with the scholarship department, I am still hoping that they would do better job than making us feel money-less over here. As for now, I pray that they can provide us with the flight details as soon as possible so that I can start booking flight ticket home. That's all for now. Goodnight, lovelings!


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