Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Memoirs of a student named ME!

Wonder why the writing mood is not there yet….but I will try to make you guys enjoy this second debut entitled: BACK TO SCHOOL!

Actually yesterday (25TH January 2010), me and my two best friends (Apih and Hazim) went to our former school (MRSM Pasir Tumboh,Kota Bharu) to meet our teachers. It was like having the butterflies in stomach when we first entered the school, yet the feelings got over once we met few of our teachers and back then. lot of talking centred on “Look how you guys never grown. Still the same old small and sweet 15! Haha,while commenting on our similar size and height. “Well, maybe that’s our gene” seemed to be the safest answer for all those so-caled compliment! But one thing that I treasured the most waswhen all teachers knew us from the first glance and automatically recalled our first name..nope..but full name!! I know it is bad to say this but I think I really got Cikgu Rosli’s attention. Haha..he kept on asking me weather I still remember this and that..even the point when my mum used to come every weekend for the laundry!!! The point here is that…all of them seemed to be happy to see the three of us coming and not bother to spare some time with us to talk about the past and remind us of the future! Arigato sensei(s)..plurality.hehe..We are not who we are today without your teachings..thank you so much!! Credit to….Cikgu Azah, Cikgu Hasnah, Ustazah Aminah,Ustazah Zaleha,Ustaz Mokhtari,Ustaz Hisham,Cikgu Rosli, Cikgu Azman,Cikgu Shukri,Cikgu Hamid Teacher Haslina,Cikgu Insyirah,Cikgu Azmah,Cikgu Rashidah,Cikgu Nik Mahizanita….and not to forget my all-time favourite teacher, TEACHER MAIZUN and how I miss Cikgu Suhaimi and Teacher Rosdalilah. I hope that one day, our batch (2002-2004) will have a reunion at MRSM PT together with teachers who taught us ath that time. Can’t wait for that!!

Title: Cerita Sang Pendusta.. Alternative title: Argung does lie!!

This is a true story about how a 20 years old guy like me was cheated by a stupid travel agency called “Argung Privileged”.

One fine day (24 December 2008),when I was in KB Mall with my parents to look for a new attire for the new semester, I was stopped by a freakish looking gals…asking me If I am still a student. She (name) made her first move by telling me all the benefits of the card. And I was caught at that moment------

a) since I was in hurry to catch my mom inside the men’s department

b) the offer seemed nice because my parents can get discount for Hajj and I also can rent buses for Student’s bureau purposes (since I was the Welfare bureau of XXXX institute).

Head Quarter:
73-1,1st Floor,Jalan 3/23A,
Off Jalan Genting Klang,
Taman Danau Kota,
53300 Kuala Lumpur.

XXXX 26 Disember 2008

Kepada Pihak yang berkenaan,


Saya,seperti nama yang tertera diatas memohon agar permohonan saya untuk menyertai Argung Privilege dibatalkan.

2. Saya berharap agar pihak tuan/puan dapat membatalkan permohonan saya secepat mungkin.

3. Saya juga berharap agar wang pendahuluan saya berjumlah RM60 dipulangkan kepada saya kerana berdasarkan butir yang tertera didalam borang ada menyatakan bahawa pemulangan wang tidak akan dilakukan sekiranya pembayaran penuh telah dilakukan. Namun,saya hanyalah membayar wang pendahuluan yang berjumlah RM60.

4. Saya amatlah berbesar hati sekiranya pihak tuan\puan dapat menghormati keputusan saya dengan membatalkan permohonan keahlian saya dan sekaligus mengembalikan wang pendahuluan yang telah saya jelaskan.

They replied to me by saying, “Permohonan anda dtitolak kerana urusan insurans telah pun dijalankan”…Hello,dalam surat tu you cakap within 14 days kot! Suke-suke hati you pulak nak amend the regulations.Durgh!!

Pihak kami akan saman encik diatas kegagalan encik untuk menjelaskan baki oembayaran kad keahlian (katanya sebab dah rugi buat insurans untuk aku), padahal surat insurans pun tak sampai kat peti surat rumah aku tu). Encik lebih senang naik ke mahkamah KL ke Kota Bharu?. Aku pun ape lagi, dah ambik course TESL kan, “So, you mean I have to court? Why you still can’t understand me. I said I wanted to quit this thing. Let the RM60 burn, but I won’t pay the remaining”. Terus die letak telefon.last2 aku jugaklah yang duk “hello,hello’ sorang-sorang.

And today (14 January 2009), a guy called me, saying that he is from the Kementerian (that’s what I heard). He told me that a company called Argung want to lawsuit me since I have problems paying the membership card. After all the tell-tales, I asked him, “Kenape tibe2 nak saman plak! Tiba2 jer. Dahla I nak further study dekat NZ this February. Before this kenapa tak call banyak2 kali untuk remind me to settle the payment”. Then he replied,” Dah encik, pihak kami rasakan encik ni bijak sangat (Sebab aku marah orang yang call aku tu habis2!----please refer the second paragraphs).

“Encik, if that so can I have you number and maybe meet you afterwards since I am at Subang Jaya already (my cousin’s house). And unfortunately he replied,”Tak boleh la encik. Saya ada ramai lagi customer nak handle. Benda ni cik kena setel kan sendiri dgn pihak argung”

Next scene,….im started to feel nervous (usual me when facing issue)…I called the number…………..that the so –called ‘kementerian’ guy gave me earlier.

Me : Hello, Argung Privileged?

Woman’s voice: Yes, apa boleh saya bantu?

Me: Saya XXXX dari XXXXX. Saya nak berbincang mengenai soal saman yang dikenakan oleh pihak cik keatas saya

Woman’s voice:Oh..nama ape ye?


Woman;s voice: Encik, saya akan check dulu. Nanti saya call kemudian ye.

Weird? Kenapa die tak tahu? Does it mean that my issue bukannya ‘isu panas’ dalam office tu? [PROVE- a fraud!].

Few minutes later, this number appeared on my mobile phone +60162011076And this time I let my cousin do the talking……………………………………Phew!! After that we decided, let’s find the office. Got my friend online to check the address for me …………….Suddenly, the place sounds very familiar to my cousin who her husband had been one of the victim of the similar scheme. And she added that the office was not really there when she got to the address. Gotcha!! [PROVE- a fraud!]

Points to ponder:

-Do they record the conversation as proves?

-Are they really professional by scolding and getting angry of the client during the phone conversation?

-Insurance? Where is the letter?

-Why private number?

-Why tak nak cakap dengan elders or others?

I wonder why I felt for this trap ever since the Aziz Desa membership card (siap promote dekat MRSM Kuala Terengganu lagi!)

Friday, January 22, 2010

i'm back for more!!

it's me again.
sorry for stop-operating for a while
guess a lot of thing happened
and i felt that this silly dramas should end
and a new matured-blog must be born
so..here i am.
trying to make few changes from the previous entries
...putting more spices in the journals
...more live experiences
...and more languages into it!
well, as people say "once you are a blogger, you can never stop becoming one"!