Sunday, February 28, 2010

It has begun

Ha! I'm so glad that people loves my wristband watch. But, that's mine. Sorry.Haha
By the way, i went to Auckland Zoo last Sunday. It was so tiring since i had to run from my room in order to catch the bus. Luckily, i could make it to the zoo even i had to stand for the whole trip.LOL!! I also wanted to give credits to my friend Rustam for the wonderful pictures of the animals. What are the differences between Malaysian and Auckland zoo? I guess Malaysian zoo does not have Kiwi and Auckland Zoo does not have Binturong. Haha. That's all i can say. It was fun though except for the 3-hours-of-don't know what to do there.

Well, not all gold that glitters. Right after we were on our back to the residence, i was told that a few people were offended by us (the Malaysian) for using BM among us in front of them. I guess i understand what they felt very much since i was in that situation last time' especially when the Chinese speaks in either Mandarin or any other language in front of me. However, i don't think that the individual person should hate us for the way we were acting since we were so used to it already and it will take time for us to adjust ourselves. In fact, we are speaking with them in English and we tried to be as friendly as possible to them so far. So, can you just play nice with us too? If you don't like it, just let us know. It is way better than "bad mouthing" us from the back.Fuh...end of story. Anyway,am i using the right idiom for this situation?

It was our first day of lecture yesterday. It was terrible!! Looking for the classes was horrible. I am so regret that i did not take that free time to check out for the classes earlier. Hurm...i also felt as if i was an ant in the middle of other giants since they are a lot of people in Auckland!!! And they are here to pursue their dream. Just like me! The classes went so well except the one in the evening. My eyes can't bear the sleepiness during the lecture yet i was seating in front. Go for it, Azman! The government is paying you to study not to sleep!!!

i also took few minutes last night to pay a visit to my new friends' room. They are Rustam's (Kazakstani), Chris's (California), Karen's (Korean), Will's (Kiwi),Ravindu's (Sri Lankan) and Steffan's (Germany). Nice to meet you, guys and girl!! I'm still having bad times to remember other new friends names', but i try to get over it as soon as possible,okay?.

What a day!!

Yesterday was such a day. I missed the pancake fight but i got to be the volunteer for the "Hypnotist" session. Frankly speaking, i was not hypnotised at all throughout the game, but it almost got me at first when he first asked us all to gaze at the "Exit" sign and count back from 10 to 1. I don't had any ideas about others but i really had a good time on stage. Haha. However, there were still a few parts which i don't like but i'm not sharing it with you guys. Hehe. Let it just be my little secret then. Hurm..i guess watching "Sehati Berdansa" show did help me out with few parts of the hypnotise earlier. At least, i could do rock and roll, twist,ballet and lots more!! It was so much fun people!!

And at night, i went for the Inappropriate. Well, we paid for it. So, we had to be there somehow. We watched how those people got themselves and waited for the pizza to come. Yummy!! In order to be safe, we prefer to be vegetarian than anything else.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The happenings

Oh bianne!! (sorry in Korean)
A lot of things happened and i felt so tired to write or even switching on my laptop. Anyway, last 25th February, we had a formal dinner for International House residents. The food was kinda can be eaten yet the dessert was so sweet!! Ouch, can't really handle the Kelantanese tongue, who really had a sweet tooth. Unfortunately, i am not one of those sweet eaters!! There were a lot of wine drinking and stuff, but no worried since we don't have all that.

And here comes the Lantern Festival. Well, these people loves to drink so much. So, the non-drinkers like us was given another option to join the Lantern Festival at the Albert Park, which was quite near from the university. Me and Chapix really had our time there, provided with the Malaysian satay. We were both so thrilled that we finally found other Malaysians (excluded the Malaysian students)in Auckland! Luckily, those aunties invited us to their open house this coming Hari Raya and we were like "Yay, nanti dapat makan free!!!" Haha. We went back to IH a bot late since we stopped by at O'Rorke and paid a visit to another IPTIans guys there. And again, it was Friday Night yesterday. So we witnessed a lot of the IH residents who were drunk back from Crow Bar! And they were like talking crap and scared us too but we just acted normal and say cheese!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Few sheets to write on!

Me got a bumper issue for you guys here.Haha
Yesterday (24th Feb.2010), my friends and i went for an event at the Epsom Campus. It was called POWHIRI. This event is a tradition when the Maori's will welcome the guests (basically International students). The ceremony started with a speech given by the host or so-called TANGATA WHENUA. Right after the speech, the group of Maori's sang to us, the guest (MANUHIRI), any of their songs. Actually, the most interesting part was when the guests have to do the HONGI (greetings) to the Maori's. Of course, they prefer to rub noses since it was their tradition and i was like so hesitated to do so. But, they were few ladies who simply kiss my cheeks.Auww!!! Anyway, it was a good experience. At least, i knew it and i was welcomed to be here!!! Say peace!!! Oh, not to mention how sad i was for missing the walk to the long beach since it was clashed with the Powhiri.Herm..another time then!

And as for today, i started my day fresh with a Zumba dance at the Recreation Centre. There were a lot of shake your bon bon and Beyonce style in it. Not to mention, the salsa part and all. It was quite a happy exercise though. It's gonna be my next obsession!! However, that was not all. After Zumba-ing with my friends, i went straight to the gym and got myself felt over the trackmill when i tried to run backward as my friend did. Serve me right then!! Well, i got my right elbow bleed and not to forget hurting my hips bone!! Well, guys being guys!! I'm always in the positioned of getting myself embarassed anyway~

Well it is still O' Week and my hall got a bowling time at the arcade (which was far away from the residence yet we had to walk there!!). As usual, i scored 65 points. Luckily, i was not the last of all 6 players. I intentionally got into a group with anonymous members. And luckily, i got to meet 24-year old Steffan from Germany and others. Ah ya, not to mention this Hong Kong guy, Brian, who have a loud laugh and able to make people laugh out loud along him!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When i was five...

Hey,peeps! Don't get carried away with today's post title. Actually, International House had a Margarita's Night at somewhere which i don't even know where it is. But, no worries because none of us were following the party. Well that is not what i would like to share with you guys, but something else under the heading of "DRUNK". I was a bit depressed tonight, so after done with the Powhiri practise, i went to the music room and played revising my piano lesson yesterday. After had a nice chat with my colleague,Alia..a guy with a shower robe came in and babbling something which i don't even know what it is. Well, looking at him,i knew that he was drunk. So, i act cool and just play the 'Doremi' notes and "Mary had a little lamb" while he came next to me and asked me what i was playing and kept on babbling about "Music is my passion and blablablabla....Whatever". I was scared but it's nothing right for them, to booze and get drunk.But one thing for sure, it was very smelly.I can't help to keep myself a metres away from him. Well, after that, i went to the games room next door and kept practising my snooker lesson. Haha..A lot to revise in a day right! It's better than forgetting it, right? While playing that i notice a few things:
1) I like to watch Figure ice skating (Accidentaly watched winter olympic live show about the event)
2) Many says that i got the pianist finger. Oh really??
3) And some says that i got Chinese looks, and sometimes Korean, Pan asian and smart look? Well, cut the crap, people!! Haha. Anyway,thanks for that!

Oh ya, i also participated in a scavenger hunt this morning and it was tiring!! At least, i got another Korean from there.Hehe.Will post the pictures later on,okay! Need to sleep or else i'm gonna be late for the Powhiri (Welcoming events by the Maori people) tomorrow!! Nite peeps!! (1.00am,NZ time)

Monday, February 22, 2010

More visiting hours!

Hey readers! Before i go on to what had happened today, i would like for you guys to firste hear me what was happened yesterday! Are these sentences so English?? It's up to you to judge! Now, back to the story. Yesterday, chapix,junid and I went to the Auckland Domain. What to say about this place? Well, i guess these following pictures will help you guess what is it all about!

Got it now? It's a place for those who wanted to enjoy the nature. Yes, breath-taking and serenity!! I could even rolled up around the park. But, beware of the dog s**t.Hehe. Can't afford to regret it later,people!! If you are lucky, you will be able to see musical perfomances in here!

As for today, i went to settle up my first semester accomodation fees. "Hey,Jonathan Walter! I am here again today for the payment. Maybe you are sick of seeing my face everyday, but this little guy brought you some money! Haha. Actually, in New Zealand, each and every one can simply swipe their ATM card in settling any payments. However, the daily limit is only NZD2000, which is why i have to see this guy (Jonathan Walker, Assistant Manager of International House) often for the payments.While enjoying the first day of O' Week at University (Uni.), my head was thinking of what to wear during the inappropriate party which will be held this coming saturday.Huh...what should i wear? Maybe i can try Bunny boy costume? Ahaks!!

Wondering wheather i am craving for the Malaysian cuisine? No worries, people! Here got Malaysian restaurant called Angie's Kitchen. They serve all kinds of Malaysian food which includes Nasi Kerabu (Me fave!!!). Well, need to spent a few dollars for it though but it is nothing as long as i could give myself superb satisfaction, right!!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hello there!

Greetings everyone. Sadly to say, i skipped my meal today because i was so sleepy [enjoying Smallville and Euro Trip film until morning].Anyway, let's get back to my journal. Today, myself and chapix went for a bus ride to Onehunga. Luckily, we had junid to assist us to the one stop shopping centre called Dress Smart at the Arthur Street. Alert!!! Shopaholic is on the move. Well, you can say that. It cost us about 4.30NZD to and another 4.30NZD to get back to our place.Luckily the shopping does not take too much cash. Hehe. I got 3 shirts for 35NZD.Which is very rare to get in Malaysia unless in bundle shop. No dear, don't think of converting the NZD to MYR. Or else, you will see the huge difference of the rates.

Like usual, i was again mistaken as a Chinese boy when i was at the Fruit Town.But no worries :)Done with the Drama! It's quite a day full of walking yet i was not exhausted at all, perhaps it was enjoyable enough?

Friday, February 19, 2010

A windy day~

Good day,everyone!!
There's nothing much to tell here except the excitement of getting into the uni. recreational center which is super awesome!!! I tried almost all of the things included the shower.Haha.Don't ask for more details here okay! Anyway, as i posted in my facebook wall post, today is a windstruck day. It is windy for almost every moment..We could see the leaves spiralling!!And i am really into the microwaveable food. Haha. Up until now, i tried the pies and popcorn. Well, no need to mention about the burning up drama!!
Haha. Toodles everyone!!

Oh ya, this is where i am currently staying:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

facts about New Zealand

Hye everybody. today i am gonna share with you few facts about the city i am currently living which is New Zealand. What is so special about this Kiwi land? Well, sit back, relax and scroll down to this post then you will know it all!
1)Nice place---beautiful
2)You have to walk a lot
3)French fries is called as chips--maybe some of you knew it already.huhu
4)Wh--is pronounce as 'F' according to the Maori tribe!
5)You don't have to bring cash to shop, simply swipe your bank card at anywhere you are purchasing. It's so easy
6)Crazy bungee jumping..right in the middle of the city
7)They sell DIY popcorn and it ended up burning when i first put them into the hostel microwave
8)They don't have tax for food but YES for electronic stuff..i think so?
9)Most importantly, you can find all the Asians here,,Malaysian,Chinese,Korean,Japanase and also Arabic as well as other ethnics and races.
10)Well,You can also see people walking barefooted..Guess they belong to the tribes!
11)There is not much difference between tomato sauce and chili sauce. Both are soury. Guess they really don't like spicy food!

p/s:These are all that i can think of up till now.Will let you know more later! Good night people!! (It's 11.50pm at NZ time zone)

Monday, February 15, 2010

holla. i got special post about my room.hehe..of all the six guys who is living in International House, i got the smallest tiny miny room. well, proud to say this but i'm also the only one who is paying lesser than everybody.yay!! don't get jealous guys[specially dedicate dto chapix,fahmi,azmi,farit and muaz-no offense.hehe!so these are the rates:

Dear azman,

I hope that you are enjoying your stay at International House. You now need to make your first payment for your room fees.

The payments are as follows:
10 days at the summer rate for rooms; $307 for single rooms
$271.40 for double

Deposit $650 for all rooms

2 instalments of two weeks: $1220 for single rooms
$1176 for double
$1060 for room 165 {which i'm currently living}

These payments can be made at the office between the hours of 9:00am - 4:30pm.


Clive H Boock
Head of Hall
International House

hereby, i posted the pictures of my room. so,it's all up to you to judge. well, i guess prince don't always lives in the castle, isn't it?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

here goes~

ok, firstly sorry for not writing anything yesterday.i was very tired of all the walking and at the same time busy getting id of these cough and flu. but, no worries. im still fine and healthy! hehe..officially today, im gonna make this blog as a picture book for everyone especially my family. so that all of you will be able to experience new zealand as well,ok? Here i already uploaded a few pictures for you to see and feel!

today, i woke up very late..maybe it's the panadol effect.anyway, we walked again today and snap few photos around Queen Street,Westfield Downtown and the Harbour field. So, here are the results:

wondering about my room? well should i show it?? herm...maybe this will help you guys in viewing my tiny miny room!

*p/s:bad connection.will show the picture later.
*p/s: i wrote this on 14th February actually not 13th February. its technical error up there.sorry!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

finally here!

hye everyone.
i got nothing much to say here except ....
i'm very grateful to God for giving me the chance to be in New Zealand.
2 1/2 years was worth waiting..
all that left now is to study and come back as an hons. degree holder..
the flight which took us exactly 10 hours was giving me a backache..
but nothing beats the excitement of being in this one of the nicest place in the world.
oh ya thanks a lot to MAS airline for serving us with nice dinner and breakfast..
well, it was a tiring day since we non-stop walking from our arrival until the welcoming meeting with the coordinator and an evening walk along the queen street with our senior from IPBA.funny thing is the time for isyak prayer here is 10pm.wah..dah tido kot mase tu.haha.well, i guess this is all for now. will post a few photos later on. keep in touch ya!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

leaving on a jet plane...

sad to say this but i only have 4 days left in Malaysia before i'm leaving to New Zealand. Anyway,i have to get my mind right..i am there to study so that i will have a lot to tell when i come back in the next two years.don't cry for me Kelantan and big MALAYSIA don't cry!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


coundown,eh? ya,right..
another 9 days left for me in malaysia before depart to New Zealand for two years..
well, 2 tahun tak lama kan!
so, x payah la nak sedih-sedih sangat..
bukannya hati batu tapi....ego kot
i need to make a confession here..
i'm not really a good son.
but i deeply in love with my family..
at some point,i wonder why my family is not like my other friend's family?
well, variety people!
takkan nak sama jer sume..bosanla kan
but it's true sometime i felt dissapointed with my family...and myself in particular
anyway,im still glad to be with them..because i know they love me..
and they will always do!

oh ya this is my family! love 'ya ol!