Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jack of all trades, master of none

"Jack of all trades, master of none" is a figure of speech used in reference to a generalist: a person that is competent with many skills but is not outstanding in any particular one.....That's me!!

Sayings and terms resembling 'jack of all trades' appear in almost all languages. Whether they are meant positively or negatively varies, and is dependent on the context.

* Chinese
o Mandarin (Simplified): 门门懂,样样瘟 ("All trades known, all trades dull")
o Shanghainese (Simplified): 三脚猫 ("A cat with only 3 legs")
o Shanghainese (Simplified): 万宝全书缺只角 ("An encyclopedia with one corner missing")
o Mandarin (Traditional): 樣樣通,樣樣鬆 ("All trades known, all trades dull")
o Cantonese: 周身刀,無張利 ("Surrounded by knives, none is sharp")

* Spanish
o Argentina: El que mucho abarca poco aprieta ("The one who takes a lot of space makes little pressure").
o Spain: Todero,[7] Aprendiz de todo, maestro de nada ("Apprentice of everything, master of nothing").[8]
o Spain: Maestro Liendre, que todo sabe y de nada entiende ("Knows about everything but understands nothing").
o Spain: Un océano de conocimiento de una pulgada de profundidad ("An ocean of knowledge of an inch deep").
o Mexico: A todo le tiras, y a nada le pegas ("You shoot for everything, but you hit nothing").

* German: Hansdampf in allen Gassen ("Wise guy in all alleys").

* French: Homme-à-tout-faire ("All-trades guy"), Touche-à-tout ("Touch everything").

* Dutch: Manusje-van-alles ("Hand-of-all"), usually meant positively. There is also Handige Harry ("Handy Harry"), which has a negative connotation.

* Persian: همه‌کاره و هیچ‌کاره ("One tries to do everything, but is capable of doing nothing").

* Italian: Esperto di tutto, maestro in niente ("Expert of everything, master of none").

* Brazilian Portuguese: Pau para toda obra ("Wood for every construction"). Commonly used, but with a positive connotation, describing someone who is able and willing to serve many tasks with enough competence.

* Lithuanian: Devyni amatai – dešimtas badas ("When you have nine trades, then your tenth one is famine/starvation"). There is also Barbė šimtadarbė ("Barbie with hundred professions").

* Estonian: Üheksa ametit, kümnes nälg ("Nine trades, the tenth one - starvation").

* Finnish: Jokapaikanhöylä (Plane for all purposes). Usually a compliment, but sometimes implies irony: a tool designed for all purposes is not really good for any specific purposes.

* Polish: Siedem fachów, ósma bieda ("Seven trades, the eighth one - poverty").

* Greek: Πολυτεχνίτης και ερημοσπίτης ("He who knows a lot of crafts lives in an empty house"). The empty house – without a spouse and children – implies poverty and lack of prosperity.

* Arabic: سبع صنايع والبخت ضايع ("The one who knows seven professions but is so unlucky").

* Turkish: Her işi bilen hiçbir şey yapamaz. ("One who knows everything cannot do anything")

* Elizabethan English: the synonymous quasi-New Latin term Johannes factotum ("Johnny do-it-all") was sometimes used, with the same negative connotation[9] that "Jack of all trades" sometimes has today. The term was famously used by Robert Greene in the earliest surviving published reference to William Shakespeare.

* Urdu: ھر فن مولا.

* Russian: Мастер на все руки ("Master in all hands."). Used only as a term of praise. За десять дел возьмется, ни одно не закончит ("Goes for ten, done with nothing"). К каждой бочке затычка ("A peg for every barrel") — someone who wants to participate in every deal.

* Vietnamese: Một nghề cho chín, còn hơn chín nghề ("Being master in one job is better than doing normally in nine jobs").

* Czech: Devatero řemesel, desátá bída. ("Nine crafts, tenth comes misery").

* Hungarian: Ezermester ("Master of a thousand things")
(quoted from:,_master_of_none)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ice Skating

I know, i know...i haven't post anything for quite some time right?
You know i was a bit busy with the first assignment (which was submitted safley llast Wednesday. Anyway, last night my friends and I went for an ice skating at the Paradice Skating,Avondale. It was super-COOOL and COLD!!! I tripped and felt for uncountable times but luckily we got over the blade after few trial and errors. Haha. Planning on going? Well the details are as follow:
BUS 243 (Bus stand across Forte Convenience store)
Bus fare: $4.40 (to..You can save up $1.40 if you have MAXX Card though!
Entrance fee: $10.50
..Hehe. Have fun!!...

So sorry for the not-so-nice pictures..I was so freaking cold to hold the camera.Ahaks..excuses!...
And yeah,credit for the organizer UMSA (United Malaysian Students in Auckland) for the activity. It is so much fun, but it will be lot more fun if UMSA can treat us the entrance fee :) Kidding!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Inter-Res Volleyball Competition

It was finally here!! The 4-days of practising lead to failure. But, no worries since we had fun!! And we lost with dignity :) Good job, guys (except me who kicked the ball outside the fence..fuhh!!)

Opps forget to post this!

This was a dance performed at the Pasifika festival. I am not quite sure about the origins but i reckoned that it was Hulu dance, maybe? Anyway, enjoy!

and this is so-called the phenomenon in Auckland, the Zumba dance!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010


Dear readers,
Here i would like to ask for your forgiveness for not writing any these few days. I was lazy to be frank.Hehe.SorryX2. Anyway, to make up with the missing events, i enclosed today's edition with the highlights of the weeks. Have fun reading :)

Pasifika Festival

Theatre: The Importance Of Being Earnest

Bad Hair Day....Ya, i cut my hair :(

Turkish Delight

Comics make me crazy!!! Oh, i wanna a MARVEL Encyclopedia,anyone please?

The Bounty Hunter..This was my first time outing with IH residents and also my first time at the cinema here..Result=Satisfactory..Looking forward for, "When You're in Rome","Ironman 2" and "Night Date".

Late Nite Walk at K-Road
Got to see biggest Gay clubs and Drag queens. I wonder why people prefer drag queens over showgirls? Haha..Points taken. Thank you :)

Word of the day:Careworn...Which means "stress" in Victorian age. YES, i am stress and panic now because i am still not in the assignment mode.Please forgive me,Malaysian.

p/s: The theatre was super fun except for a few scenes which are not suitable for minors. Erm..i might watch "Romeo and Juliet" next time and it is such a pleasure if anyone wants to sponsor me. It's worth it.Hehe

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Auckland Tour :)

Today is Thursday,which means i don't have any classes to attended except voluntary work or self study however it is not yet started. So, our batch was having a special trip around Auckland City. Credit to Ira Asdila for leading the tour. It was freaking AWESOME.No kidding :) Alright, this is the bus that we hop on and off. It is called the Tour Bus.
We started our first journey to Bastion Point Lookout. It was such a nice place. I can even lie down on the grass and kept on rolling on it.Haha.Kidding. I didn't do it anyway.

The next step was like a dream came true. We stopped at Kelly Tarltons Underwater World and i saw lots and lots of PENGUINS!!! Oh my God!! They were so cute and cold? I guess..Haha. It was a good experience though.

After done with the fauna, we went to enjoy the beauty of roses at Parnell Rose Gardens. It was so boring for me since i got nothing to do there. Plus, the roses are dying.Hello, it's coming to Autumn okay!! Here are the proves:

We continued our trip today to revise a few of our knowledge at the Auckland Museum. Well, it was so history inside here, But, i found out a interesting stuff such as,"Kota Baharu?".

We (Me, Chapix and Farit) ended our journey at the Victoria Park Market since we lost the bus and we had to walk all the way back to the hostel.Sob sad.Anyway, this place (Victoria Park Market) is like "PENGKALAN KUBUR"-if any of you familiar with Kelantan. It's a place where you can have better souvenirs at much cheaper prices. So, what am i waiting for?? Souvenirs hunt now!!!
p/s: None of the girls in the pictures is my special girlfriend. They are all kind-hearted GIRLFRIENDS who always cheer up my days here.Umi, jangan marah,okay??

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

so long!

Don't get confused folks. So long here does not mean "Goodbye" or "I'm leaving". It meant to say," It's been a while since i write here".Hehe. How is everyone's doing? Fine, huh? Bet, i'm the only one who still lazying around and blur about the lecture.Hurm...Anyway, there is nothing much happen to me lately except that i haven't been to GYM for quite some time. Why so? I have no idea,man. Haha. Oh ya, i have this new addictive? Want to know? Check this out!!

It's one of the most popular Pop Games nowadays which known as "Plant Vs. Zombie". This game is so freaking awesome. I can't get my eyes of it so far. Well, of course the victim is Chapix's IPOD. Sorry,mate.My PSP don't have it.And i really hate this:

By the way, i found new friends through few clubs that i enrolled such as UNITED OF MALAYSIAN STUDENT IN AUCKLAND (UMSA---so MALAYSIAN,right!)and AUISN (forget what does the acronym stands for). Hopefully, by joining this social clubs, i will get in touch with more people from over the world and gain as much knowledge i could to become a wholly person.Cheh! My group also won the O'Week for UMSA first meeting last Saturday. Don't get jealous,peeps!! :)

P/s: Sorry that i only got pictures from UMSA meeting! However, i really love the motto that goes:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Second lecture of the week was quite hermm..... can't say it.
I love Lingustics, so i was a bot dissapointed.
But, it's okay. Will get through it in time.
Anyway, i missed my breakfast again today.
Luckily, my class stars at 3pm today. Haha
Very relaxing, huh? But i already start to feel the pressure of it
Again, im gonna get through it
By the way, i started my day with Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks first time though
Spent NZD40 just for a short at Rebel Store. Reason: Need to go gym, yet don't have any other track except the dirty one and track cost like NZD80 at that shop. I was desperate and tired to look for it somewhere else. So, i ended up buying it. However, when i thought of converting the money back to Ringgit Malaysia------I'm broke!!! Luckily, the sushi got me calm. Haha
Later at night, i was decided to use my credit card in buying online stuff. I managed to buy one Marvel book which originally cost me NZD3.45 but i ended up paying NZD23 because of the shipping cost. In fact, it will arrive here like a month from now...So long and so much for a drama. Phew!
Anyway, feel free to have a look at these random pictures.