Friday, April 30, 2010

Missing me

To be frank, i am so lazy to write.
Lack of motivation.
I am kind of missing a few things now...
Kb mall, City Square-Innercity and Malaysia!!
Yet, i am not yet finish with my mission.
People are expecting a lot from us and i am not sure about it..
What if....
Whatever..I will keep on doing my very best.
Just wait,Malaysian..
Pray for me mum and dad, dear lecturers, family and friends....
It's all i need.
Ok,end of lamenting stuff..Snap!! and Get real,Azman dean!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Blockbuster!!

Easter break is almost over..nah..
Anyway, i did enjoy myself so far.
Even though i did not travel all the way to Rotorua or Wellington, at least i have been to few of the 50 must-visit places in Auckland, such as Mission Bay, Devonport and Mount Eden.That is more than enough,i guess.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Tiri-Tiri Matangi

Yes, yesterday was fun and I'm telling you the truth..
Except for few parts of cam.whores...Well, who doesn't like pictures,right!!
Anyway, i still enjoy the moments there to the fullest (oh really)..herm...
What about yesterday,eh? Actually, alll 59 of us were sponsored for a trip to Tiri-Tiri Matangi--kind of reserve island. There got few rare species of birds and plants. The historical background of the island was centered on its ownership. It was shifted from MAORI then the Europes and back to the locals again. Here, there is also a beach named "Hobbs Beach" which was named after who..i also don't know.To conclude, it was a worth trip especially the cruise like-ferry part.
Looking forward for next adventures.
and these are few shots from yesterday, Feel free to look through.
p/s: and yeah..i'm sorry because i am no-model-material!

and these are few love episodes at the beach..Haha.Each pictured carries no actual meanings,okay. Hope all the related boyfriends or girlfriends do not get pissed off okay!

And these are the pictures of model-tak-laku.Haha.

and finally the GROUP Photo!!

A trivia for the day:
People ask me where does my fashion inspired from??? And what should i say?? Aha!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Officially, my holiday starts today since i had submitted the two assignments.
So, right after submitting Lang. Tchg and Linguistics assignments, i had a random walk to town. I went inside Westfield Downtown while busy listening to Gaga's songs on my psp. Then, i saw these two girls saying "Oh my God" at me. For the first time, i thought that they were saying "He's so handsome" and stuff....So i just walked in and found out that "Ea..this is not the men's".Oh My God!!! I got mistaken into the women's restroom...Luckily, noone realised that except those two girls who were still laughing at me when they saw me walking out from the washroom!! Hurmp!! What a day.

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's officially Autumn

Since it was the end of daylight saving, the day here gets much shorter. Even, the sky will be in a total darkness at 6pm. This also explains why the prayer time for Muslims has gone shorter, for example Isya' is on 7.15pm and no longer 10/9pm something.It is odd,eh. Well, welcome to New Zealand. Anyway, it was Easter yeasterday (4th April 2010). Apart from getting the Creme Eggs from the dining hall, my friend and I went to a Royal Easter Show at the ASB Showground, Greenlane.For me, it was only a so-so festival, nothing much that 'wow' me so badly. Simply put, it was just like a fun fair back at home. Haha. We tried few Genting-like rides, and I so can't handle it at all. I kept oc closing my eyes during the rides. And finally, i concluded that "I Hate Carnival or Genting thingy!" End of story--------Then, i ate a very hot fried rice at one of the halal Thailand restaurant in town...and i got stomachache after that :(
Bye for now! Need to write 1000 words essay to be submitted tomorrow. Toodles!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Farewell summer..
Ends of daylight saving..

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Yeah,,it drives me crazy!!
Everyting here is DIY Project 9do it yourself).
People won't tell you what to do..
It's all your own initiative...and i'm so used being spoon fed.
But,it's okay. I will get over it soon.haha
Easter break is starting..
Haven't figuring out what to until i finished with my assignments..
Can't wait for Spookers and Waiwera hot springs!
These are just some random pictures that i want to share.Have fun!

why i'm in this course? maybe these will help you answer the question.hehe

and these are the IH talents!!