Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Talent Night

The moment I was writing this piece, it was already 12.31 in the morning and I was not yet started with my Language Teaching and Linguistics which I intended to start working on last Sunday. The introduction seems pretty lengthy eh? Actually, last saturday (1st of May 2010), Umno Acukland had organised a Talent Night and I was one of the participant. I took part in a modern dance and we called ourselves as the Ramalama's. Anyway, what i like about this event was that, the voting system to choose the winner. It was like participating in American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance. Luckily enough that New Zealand got one telco provider called Vodafone that enables the user to activate 2000 free text for NZD10 per month. Therefore, the guests does not really mind to vote because it was free and fun!! With this benefit, our group managed to snatched the second place of the eleven participants. Not to say that our perfomance was great, but we received a lot of feedback of it. My friends told me that I danced well in this genre and the zombie make up scared them to death.Haha.So sorry guys.