Saturday, July 31, 2010

The School Visit: St. Heliers

Well to be truthful, I am pretty lazy to complete my assignment now. So I guess a little detour will help me get back to work later. Last Thursday (29 July 2010), me and my friends went out for a School Visit.The whole group were divided into three groups. Each groups were assigned to visit different school at different levels. Lucky for me that my first School Visit was to St. Heliers Primary school.The visit was fun. Seeing all the happy faces of the kids there made me feel how jealous I am for not having the chances as theirs. Compared to Malaysian school, NZ schools often assigned a teacher to be responsible for all subjects of a class (No kidding.The teacher have to teach Math, Science, Art, Technology, English, Social Studies, Health and Physical). This school also instill the Maori culture (the original settler in NZ)in its daily operation. Unlike in Malaysia, the students here are encourage to bring their own lunch box. Pretty savvy right? Even so, they do have a canteen called "Tuck-shop". However, students need to order first before get their food delivered to them.Here, they believed that "play-time" is necessary at this particular age for the child's growth. It's fair enough to say that their education is all about "improvement" and not "achievement". Which I some what agree. The class environment is very welcoming,open and nice. There is no pressure but pleasure. Too much to compare right? But this is the truth. Truth that we are lacking of back in our place. What surprised me the most was their knowledge of Malaysia geography. Even they can't give the exact where about, they managed to point out that Malaysia is close to China and Thailand. Well said, isn't it? With these advantages,I might consider sending my children to study in NZ someday :) And yes, I really enjoyed the Maori lesson with Mrs. Palmer. It was memorable!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Holidays

I assumed the previous mid-semester break as my catching-up for not going anywhere last Easter break. It was fair enough since I got to travel around Christchurch city and Wellington city. It was all started last 30 June. Me and my friends [The A’s Family: Afiqah Azizan, Amirah Akhyar and Alida Azmee. It does rhyme, right!], went to Christchurch by air. Well, I can’t really TELL the excitement we were having that time. It was our first time travel without our parents around, which I guess, “YAY!! Finally I’m off without them”. Hehe!!!!! The craziness continued for 5 days and four nights. It was lucky that we got to stay in the cheapest backpackers ever! Thanks to Vagabond Backpackers for giving us $18 per night! There we got to cook on our own and experience the innovative cooking by our cook!!!! Well, I assumed it was you, Afiqah Azizan  We tried a number of must do activities in Christchurch city, which includes the Tram, Punting and Gondola. It was a great deal though. To be truth, I really enjoyed the Tram compared to the other two. The craziest part was when we got to try off line of outfit from Elizabethan time and etc. It was a walk to remember!!!!!! All eyes were watching and cameras flashing towards us. Sounds dramatical eh? Well, that’s us! Being tired of all day walking, we ended up our daily tour with board game like Taboo [which made us non-stop laughing]. We also got to try Ice-Skiing [which cost us $207] in Mount Hutt. It was super-chill and thrill!!!!!! I can’t stop falling. Worst was that, I can’t even feel my nose there. Still, it was a great experience. At least, I am proudly to say, “I’ve been there and done that”.

We had our fun together. However, it was a farewell since Afiqah and Alida moved to another Residential House right after the trip. Still, my ‘road-trip’ continues, and this time the destination was Wellington-the Capital of New Zealand. 12 hours journeys using Naked Bus was paid off since I got to see all that New Zealand could offer- the green grass, the blue sky, the healthy sheeps and cows. It was tiring but lucky me for having friends [Especially Apih] who willing to help me with my stay in Wellington. The reunion was great. I got to witness the Giant Squid in Te Papa Museum with their assistance. Long story short, I could sum up that Wellington does have its own uniqueness compared to Auckland city. The public transport here includes the environmental friendly buses. Even so, it was a waste that I did not manage to hop on the City train to the Botanic Garden and the Parliament Building. Well, finger cross that there will be next time! Since the Victoria University students already had their lectures started, I had to travel on my own to the Weta Cave. Fortunately, I managed to be there safely in one piece. Frankly speaking, the place was not as big as I expected, yet I gained a lot there. Well, I had to say that I am proud for New Zealand’s contribution in helping out Lord of The Rings, Avatar and Chronicles of Narnia to be among the best in the filming industry. Soon after that, I headed back to join my friends at their university before continue with our plan to watch movie in Reading Cinema. Since I already watch ‘The Twilight Saga-Eclipse’, I took the premiere of Knight and Day starred by Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. Well, that was how my holiday went and it’s time to kick *** for the second semester!!!