Sunday, September 26, 2010

The fun and not so-fun!

I wonder how's everyone is coping with their life, but I guess I'm doing good (most of the time). Well, that does not mean that I am smiling 24/7 though. I always got myself down whenever I was blown by the wind (wonder how the wind in NZ is very strong these days), people say something unpleasant to me, people's attitude, own life reflection and TESTS!!! I'm not so sure whether I should be happy or not, but at least I am done with two tests last week; 223 and 105. And now, you could say that my life has changed back to the normal one. And yeah, it's officially the beginning of daylight saving in NZ. Therefore, the time difference between New Zealand and Malaysia is 5 hours now.Anyway, last night was the most epic night in International House. We had variety of food and performances from all over the world such as Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, U.S.A,U.K, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, India, Cook Island, Poland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Iraq! What a night to remember! From Malaysian traditional dance to beyonce impersonist, and back to spice girls era, rocky rockband from Kazakhstan, fabolosome groove by the Indian group and lots more!! Here are some pictures and videos to give you an idea of what International Night was all about!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Eid and End of Holiday!

Basically, holidays are over. It's officially 'office' hours now. Speaking of 'over', unlike the holidays, Eid Fitr hasn't ended yet. It has only been the fourth day today. Even tough, the feeling is not as same as the one back home, still the celebration wasn't bad at all. We've got our own GRAND Open House on Saturday and it was AWESOME! At last, all the hardwork were paid off. People enjoyed the food, and we were enjoying ourselves as well. I personally felt like being in my mum's position whnever we held feasts over our houses. Greeting peoples, asking them how are they doing and serve them food!!!!!!!!!! Well, I guess the highlight of the day was the food! We got chicken satay, chili chicken, chicken rendang, peanut gravy, compact rice and lots more! Seeing everyone coming all over Auckland to celebrate the day with us was priceless! At least, we got to experience handling an occasion where we prepare almost everything, from budgeting, cooking, decoration and up until cleaning! It was a day to be remember I assumed! Who says we will be crying lots! Yet, we were having fun, all right!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Morning tears!

It was Raya already!
I missed Raya prayer because I woke up late (tired of making satay and I slept at 4 in the morning to catch up with facebook, talked to my mum and etc.). then rushed for Skype tutoring, being a fool for believing a student hair cur will cost me $10 even though it is $15, were asked about when to pay the rent by International House manager, performed Friday prayer and all. So hectic, even in the big day! Then,I received parcel from my family. Three shirts, a pair of jeans and also two greeting cards. One from my sister and the other from my younger brother. They were really touching and HEARTBREAKING! I almost cry (not yet falling for it). And yeah, those clothings are all new!! Hehe. Then, we visited the others in Huia. The environment wasn't as expected since many of us went to visit the other seniors at their open houses and etc. So, there goes my first day of Raya. And now, I'm still waiting to skype with my family. It is so annoying. We always faced problem whenever we wanted to chat through Skype. Silly technology! Well, it's Raya right? So I need to be patient, forgive and forget to the lameness of Skype and Malaysian Broadband connection. Besides that, Miss Goh (one of my dearest lecturers in IPTI) replied on her Facebook wall post after I wished her Happy Eid Fitr. There goes the words:

"Same2 n have a great Hari Raya do in UoA cos u all will never have that chance to have a big gathering of friends to celebrate away from home n different feelings n if anybody is gonna cry like a baby bcos they miss home, give them a dressing down on my behalf.......(not undress them but scold them...hahaha!)."

I replied: "haha. what if im crying? haha"

"Then I'm really surprise cos i always see Azman as a very positive guy who knows how to adapt n make the most out of life.....c I really believe u r really a good be a good boy n swallow ur terars or the others, esp the gals will cry rivers....U go n cry another day...k?"

.........How touching is that? What a lecturer. It's hard to get one this close to their students. Well, seems that I have quite a responsibility on my own too!

Too much to take

Fuh, does the title give you the idea of me 'giving up?". Well, part of me feels so, and another part still believes in hopes. Anyway, it was quite shocking today that our director asked us to stay during the summer. The reason is to keep us in the english speaking environment and exposing us to new stuff like research, work life or summer school. I was really upset because I already bought the return ticket on 15 February 2011, together with my parents and Chapix. My dad kinda angry a bit for the waste of money. Well, it is true but I can't help it. I am caught in between. I want to see my parents, save money and at the same time improving myself (English fluency and individually) and experience more of New Zealand. Herm,,end of story. Since the higlight of this post is about our first Eid in New Zealand, there should not be anything about 304 assignment or 105 or 223 revision. Haha. It was irony though because I never work in the kitchen at home but now I cut the chicken and meat for the satay. It was a good experience, at least now I know how to prepare satay (Well, more or less). After that, I when back to my room and called my parents (technically they called me. I just text them). At first, I try not to shed any tears, but I ended up feeling sad and empty without them during at first day of Eid. Well, my sister said that I shouldn't be crying. I ain't girls, so why should I. Even so, the feeling is still different, especially when you have been celebrating the special day with your family. Well, there is no point of feeling sad anymore, right? I have the others with me- my friends. They are all just like me. Being away from their home and family. So basically, we have each other right! So be happy and enjoy the moment. Happy Eid Fitr everyone!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

my 21st

According to a reliable source(Chapix Zakaria), 21st birthday, along with 17 and 30th are the real dates in the states. while, Sheryll said that with this age, My parents got to give me the house key. Why house key? What does it mean? Well, it represents your freedom, No more curfew and all sort of controlling at home. But does that applicable to me? I guess not really. Even I'm 21 my mom told me (yesterday on phone) that I will always a baby to her. I'm what?????? Well, she loves me. I can't really be bothered by that, am I? I'm so fortunate to have that kind of mum. I admit it. Anywaya, back to the celebration, it was super fablous-ome! I got a birthday bash at 12 am by my besties Chapix, Bill, Hawe, Azmi and Farit. The sponge cake was good. Too bad I can't finish them all since I was so full for the Merdeka eve in Huia. Then, another friend of mine, Alex treated me Step Up movie at Imax. It was super cool!!!!!!!!!! Really wish to have all those moves and fun. Well, that's not it. We got a Cohort Iftar in Huia. Bbq and variety of fried rice and kuih. I felt so guilty for IH chefs for not turning up during dinner. Well, I can't help it, hans! The cook better than you are.Hehe.Kidding! Well, Nirro played her part again this time to trick me and suddenly I heard them singing "Happy birthday to you" and asked me and Emma to blow the candles on top of the caramel pudding. It was nice. Thnax Kyra and the crew (even the eggs were mine.haha).Enough of that. We rest a while and hit Champion in Kroad. The famous karaoke hang out for us. 2 hours of yelling and jumping was paid off. I really had fun. I nailed it; I don't love you by MCR, One way or another by blondie, One way ticket, ain't no mountain high and beat it by MJ. Really guys, I can't imagine celebrating my birthday here without y'ol! Love ya, xoxo. Funny thing was, my birthday kinda wrapped off after being asked to hug a drunk friend. I had no idea what was really happened, but he just came in to the common room and asked us to hug him. when it was my turn, i hugged him and he said, "Au..that was pathetic!". So I had to hug him again. What a closure, eh! And these people are among those who had light up my day: