Thursday, November 25, 2010


Why some people is so obsessed over hand phones? I personally think it is undeniable that hand phone is very important in our lives these days since it connects people. But that does not necessarily means that people can go around bragging or competing about what their hand phones have to offer. Even children nowadays won't up for a hand phone without camera function. To be truth, why waste money over some other functions when all you need are the basics one such as to make call and sending text messages. Well, every one has their own reasons. So, there is no need for making a blind accusation. For some people, it is better to have one hand phone with the functions of everything rather than buying single items such as camera, mp3 player and gps!

By the way, let's just stop the issue here. There are much more to mention, especially since I am already back to my home country, Malaysia. It feels so good to be home. I have to admit, I have been treating myself with all the delicacies and cravings I've got. Hot? Sweating? Not to mention. It's Malaysia anyway. Too bad that my body is still adjusting and consequently I am running down with fever. Haha. I know I owe you guys a lot, especially about my trip to Melbourne, Australia. Will try to get it updated soon. Wait ya!

*'Tadaima' means 'Im back' in Japanese.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Hey folks! Guess I have to take back what I said before about not going anywhere during the going-back-home period. Thanks to my buddies, Chapix and Captain for made it happen! On the 07 Nov. 2010, we started our first road trip to New Zealand's Northland. Basically, Northland is a one of the region (I think so) in NZ. This region consists of some other parts such as Bay of Islands, Whangarei district and few more. All in all, I can conclude that the trip was worth it. It was so random and unplanned, but thanks Goodness that everything went well. The weather was good, despite of some minor showers. We really enjoyed the beauty of New Zealand. Subhanallah! What a creation! I love the fact that the sky is so blue let alone the greenery land. Well, sand is very significance to Northland area, which somehow explains the plenty of beaches and bays in here. I love it so much! We stopped at Whangarei, Paihia, Kaitaia, Cape Reinga and Ker-Keri. Unfortunately when we were at Keri-Keri, we couldn't stop at Keri-Keri Primary school (one of the student there is my Skype student) or even visit the fruit farm and taste the remarkable Keri-Keri oranges. Never mind. At least we enjoyed the trip. That what count the most, right! Now, if people asked us,"Have you been to Cape Reinga?", we can simply answer, "Been there, done that!". Hehe. The Cape Reinga was awesome. From that tip of North New Zealand,we got to see Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean collide* (is this suitable word for this situation? Just KIV first). That is all for now. Can't wait to write about my nest trip to Waiheke Island,Auckland and Melbourne, Australia! See you around!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

After quite some time.

Hey all. Come to think of it, I haven't been writing for months now. Well, it can't be helped. Blame the hustle bustle life of University. I have to admit that I am pretty relaxed compared to the others. This is why I am taking this opportunity to express how grateful I am for doing what I am doing now. It is undeniable that I always wonder of whether what I am doing now is what I should be doing over the years ahead. But I do believe that God has set some purposes for me being here in this world. Well, enough of the reflection section. Let's get back to the real business! It's 1/11/2010 and I'm officially free from now on...well at least until the next term. By 'free' I mean 'being bored'. Yes, it is true. I have no idea where to go or even what to do before I am off to Melbourne and eventually back to my home country. Ideally, I stay because I've paid my accommodation rent until 15/November, so there is no point of wasting every dollars spend right! Still, I am clueless of what to do. Perhaps bungee jump helps? Well, I am not so much of a person-who-loves-doing-something-thrilling, and Bungee jump is a definite cross out list. I am thinking of a more practical way of road trip. But the problem is that I left my driving license back home and even I got it with me, I doubt that my parents will let me drive here. Herm............I don't know. Do more shopping I guess? But I am saving up for the not-sure-happening-or-not family trip to China. Guess I should just stay put and keep on rolling some of the movies I have downloaded here.

Speaking of movie, I would like to make a review on a movie called, 'The Village'. This movie is created by the one of the top film producer of the year, M. Night Shyamalan. What I like about this movie is that, it centred on the elites' thinking that they should not be exposing their children to the real world in keeping them alive from the harmful world! The message of this story is very bold. It shows us that sometimes we need to choose a riskier option in protecting all of us even though it means losing contact with the real world. Let alone the technology. Well, if we relate back to what happens now, should we be scared enough? Too many things can happen with only a click from your home computer!

2010 is almost ending. Well, not for another month and a half at least. There were too many things happened to us all within the period. Some are bad and some are good. But, we managed to overcome them all with determination, support from self and others and etc. I wished to name a few but my blog is not about hatred, bad feelings, insulting or etc. So, I rather keep all of them to myself. But, I can conclude that I ain't all goody-goody either.

I hate to say this, but I am going to miss International House and all of my friends here....Hope we'll see each other again in the future!