Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Hey y’all! It has been a while I haven’t write anything in here. To tell you the truth, I was busy with work, fetching my younger brother from school, running errands for my family and etc. Lame excuses? Anyway, unlike the others, I spent my summer holidays at home. Originally, I hope I can save up some money by coming back, apparently I realised that I’m broke!!!!!!!!!!!! Luckily, I already save up for shopping in Guangzhou and Gold Coast. Even though it is holiday, I could say that I didn’t really have a REAL break yet! I was hoping for a holiday by the seaside with fresh air, breezy waves, birds chirping and nice cocktail! Haha, heaven! Guess, it’s way tooooooooo good to be true. Ironically, what I got the most were; listening to my mom’s nagging, my sister’s ****** talk and etc. Huh........What a world! Anyway, this time around, I want to share with you, readers about my part time job as a lecturer in one of the tuition centre in my hometown. The place is called Oxford Language Centre. I am not complaining but you won’t be paid as much as you expected in here. But somehow, I like the environment there. The staffs are very friendly and helpful so do the students. My students are varied from all ages. The youngest is standard six and the oldest.....herm...I am not so sure. Late 20’s perhaps? Not to mention, I also have one student from Palestine. Sometime, it is hard to teach him because of the language barrier. Yet, I feel so relieved because he seems to understand most of learning (hopefully!). The teaching isn’t easy as I expected. I need to cater the lesson to all ages in my class. Preparing the notes, the exercises, composing suitable activities and etc take time. Sometimes, I feel very exhausted, considering I got class every day and night except Thursday and Friday. Still, I need to thank Good for giving me this opportunity. At least, I don’t have to stay home and listen to my mum nagging at me all the time. Haha!!

Oh yeah, since we are in 2011 now, I will turn 22 years old end of this August. However, with this age of mine, I already receive the status of ‘uncle’. Can’t believe it? It’s so true. My sister just gave birth to a baby girl named, “Nur Aizu Warda Marshanda” (I think so) on 15 January 2011. Guess the house will be much crazier later!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, welcome abroad I bid to Marsha. Hope you will have hell of fun being part of Azman’s family. When I think about it, in ten years to come, Marsha will be in her 10 years old and I am 32. And I was like, “What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

Right now, I am so in mood of “Tuesday-please-come-faster-because-I-want-to-shop-till-drop-in-Guangzhou!” I hope I have enough cash to get ready for the shopping spree. Here, I would like to thank my daddy and mummy for bringing me to Guangzhou with them. I really appreciate it. As for y’all, “Don’t get jealous, hah!”

I am a Gleek! And I can’t wait for the coming episodes. I remember seeing an advertisement about looking for new casts to star in the next season of Glee. I was so excited about it and almost fill in the online form. Unfortunately, when I consider the possible consequence of joining the top-series of 2010/2011, I had to just forget that ambition. Right now, I need to just stay focus and passionate about what’s ahead; which is teaching.

As everyone has their own favourite tracklist, I have chosen “Forget You by Cee Lo”, “Only girl in the wolrd by Rihanna” and “Love the way you lie by Rihanna ft. Eminem” as mine. I am so in love with these songs that I will start dancing and singing whenever I heard these songs.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011

Hye folks!
It's the end of 2010 and most importantly the start of the brand new 2011.
Before I move on with my new year resolutions, I would be happy enough to reflect on what had happened for the past year. Firstly, I learned that there is no need to cry over a spilled milk. All you have to do is face it, forget it, learn something from it and move on! Secondly, you may listen to other peoples' thought about what you should or should not be doing but at the end of the day, you have to remember that it is you who decide what's your future going to be. I remember a saying that goes, "Every man needs to make decision, even it means not to make any decisions". Thirdly, "Don't cry on something that you couldn't get". Your life is worth something. So, never show people that you're worthless. Simply said, "If they want you, they will come to you". Well, that pretty much wrapped everything of 2010. As for 2011:
1. Minimum of B for every subjects, A’s are very much welcome– First class degree.
2. Better English!
3. Enthusiasm towards becoming an educator.
4. Lots of camwhoring.
5. Not to forget traveling!
6. Mind, body and soul fit! – eating right, exercise
7. More aware of the happenings – read NST and NZ Herald every morning
8. Better styling – dressing up, hair, look
9. Glee concert!
10. Master chef!!!!
11. Better personality – positive, happy go lucky, determine, hardworking, smart
12. Talent night – kpop 2pm genie + bollywood
13. Take part in uni activity.
14. High class – Auckland activities.
15. UK, Europe, Paris.........!!!!
16. Most importantly – closer to God and family