Thursday, March 10, 2011

About me.

It's 2011. And what's about me in 2011? The list below might help you to find out more about me, myself and I.

1)I'm living in an apartment called The Docks with four other friends. It is so good living there.
2)I'm a cook. Since we are now living on our own and there is no chefs to cook for us, we have to create a cooking timetable which resulted me to cook twice a week.
3)I start to realize my fondness towards popping-up book!
4)I am applying 'off the radar' policy.
5)I am joining the Glee club. Hope I can shine in here. Just like Rachel Berry in Glee.
6)I am also joining the debate club. Hope I can make some friends and gain more knowledge about certain issues in here.
7)I also joined the volleyball club. I miss playing volleyball (even though not good in it).
8)I haven't done Zumba (since I didn't join the rec, centre) and my body has started to fall apart. I could hardly breathe whenever I walk to Queen street. Stamina, please?
9)I am trying to get over my crush. No further comment.
10)I started using postpaid. Hope the bill won't kill me in the end.
11)I love my shirts.They are so colurful!
12)I love Converse sneakers! Already bought one more in Real Groovy.
13) I am still looking for Burberry Three Wraps Strap watch-alike. Can't afford the original one.
14)Still karaoke-ing.
15)Dreaming of Europe. It's calling.
16)Got all time-favorite perfumes; Hugo Boss, Paco Robane One Million, CK One.
17)Two of my favorite shirts has gone bad because of the washing machine.
18)I got a niece.Marshanda-Named after Indonesian soap drama.
19)I want a photo shoot.
20)I miss my cat.

Gold Coast.

Hey all. I know this kinda late. But I am going to share with you my travel experience at Queensland Sunshine State, Gold Coast. Just to let you know that Gold Coast is part of Australia and it is a very hot place. Unlike Malaysia, Gold Coast is more towards hot and dry instead of hot and humid. You can get skin cancer if you don't apply your sunblock here. Anyway, my short trip here was worthwhile after all. Come on, who's not drooling over those abs and babylicious bods? At first I wonder why one of the places there is called as 'Surfer's Paradise'. It's because of the beaches, beaches, beaches and again, beaches. A lot of surfers come to this place, considering this place is the top three best surf beaches all over the world.Cool eh? Unfortunately, I couldn't see anyone doing the stand surf that day. Probably that area isn't suitable for that. Who knows? Anyone coming here might think, "Oh God, why didn't I have that abs, and blablabla". But I guess it is unfair to think that way because God only gives something when we really shows our wants to it. As for these super abs-licious guys and chicks, they worked out for it. So, obviously they deserve one,right? Unlike me who hardly do any exercises let alone take part in any sports. Haha.